PQC: Listening to these two religious statists, especially the Russo-centric the Saker, certainly would make some people sick. However, they do have some good points regarding the silliness of right-wing Hitler apologists.

As I said in this blog, exposing the lies and crimes of the fucking Jews, especially the lies and crimes of the Western governments against the civilian Germans after the end of the War cannot and should not be conflated with Nazism-Hitler “apologism”.

However, as far as I am, an anarchist, concerned, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Polpot, Ho, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower Churchill, De Gaulles etc…are the same kind of war criminal against humanity.

They all were evil and committed democide against innocent people. Their crimes must not be judged by the quantity of victims. The body counts must not be used to compare who is the worse, or the worst. It’s their deed to murder civilians that we must look at.

Ho Chi Minh murdered less number of people than Mao, because he achieved his goal, so he did not need to kill more, not because he did not want to or could not do so. Polpot, Stalin. Mao murdered millions of their own people without a blink!

Wilson, Roosevelt, Churchill, Wall Streets Banksters literally used the power of the State to scheme the two WARS that killed millions people of all sides! Not to mention that Wall Streets Banksters, or rather to be precise the Jewish Controlled Cabal created the Communist regimes in both Russia and China that murdered hundreds of millions people around the world. (Read the works of professor Antony Sutton)

Woodrow Wilson, F.D.Roosevelt, W.Churchill deliberately lied, deceived their own people and sent millions of their own people to be killed just to serve their own interests and power. Not to mention hundreds of thousands if not millions civilians of Japan and Germany were put to horrible death in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Dresden alone! They have all been exposed! We now all have witnessed the hypocrisy and perversion of the so-called mainstream intellectuals and historians on the issue of the holo-hoax and the cause of the two World Wars.

Statism, whether it is called communism, nazism, monarchy, democracy etc, is the culprit. Without Statism, without the power of the State that people believe in, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Polpot, Ho, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower Churchill, De Gaulles etc. could have never been able to kill such larger number of people. As a matter of fact, they never did it with their own hands, but the people enthusiastically and diligently did it for them under the power of the State.

And right now, the Jews are the main instigators and perpetrators of all the crisis inside the West and the Middle East, thanks to the power of the State they control.

Why does just a mere idiot, a retarder, a stupid criminal clown suddenly have the power to decide the fate of billions people?

The Saker on “Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race”

Truth Jihad / Kevin Barrett • February 12, 2020

Western views of Jews, Jewish identity politics, and Zionism are extremely polarized these days. The mainstream world seems enslaved to Zionist propaganda caricatures; while perhaps in reaction to the appalling lies and omissions of the MSM, increasing numbers of alt-right dissidents have gravitated toward severely anti-Jewish views.

The Saker—one of the anglophone world’s most important voices on Russia-related strategic issues—recently incited a constellation of controversies with his new article “Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race.” He wrote me: “Do you know that I never got as much hate mail as for that article about Russia and Jews…I REALLY pissed a lot of people off.”

What are the Saker’s fundamental disagreements with the people sending him angry comments and emails? “First of all, there is my philosophical position: that Jews share common humanity with all of us. I don’t see them as a separate group that has some kind of unique, different quality.” He goes on to assert that Westerners who don’t like Jews “are actually the mirror image of what they accuse Jews of doing. They say Jews are supremacists, and then they say, at the same time, that Jews are somehow fundamentally different. Well, that’s denying our common humanity. And I don’t care who does it. If it’s done by a rabbi or if it’s done by a nazi, the message is the same: ‘There are some people who are better and more important and more valuable than others.’”

Among the many other points raised in this interview:

*The Russian monarchy wasn’t overthrown by Jews or (80% Jewish) Bolsheviks, it was overthrown by Freemasonic Russian elites.

*19th century Russian radical movements were not dominated by Jews the way Bolshevism was.

*Historically, Poland and Polish-occupied Ukraine witnessed a much more intense and fraught relationship between Jews and non-Jews than Russia did.

*Many of the nations that fought in World War II committed horrific atrocities; but however we evaluate them, one thing the Nuremburg Tribunals got right was to establish forever the fact that aggression is the worst war crime, the ultimate war crime, the one that includes and entails all of the others.

*Putin’s attendance at the World Holocaust Forum in Occupied Jerusalem was about mourning victims of World War II, not endorsing Zionist ideology.

*But yes, Russia does unfortunately tilt toward Israel more than Palestine, because Russia has a significant and powerful Jewish population but no Palestinian/Arab population.

*Russia perceives NATO, not Israel, as its biggest threat: “Russia has been preparing for a full-scale conventional and/or nuclear war with the West for at least five years now. They hope to avoid it. They will do their utmost to not give (NATO) a pretext (to attack). But they know that this is the ultimate danger. And they’ve bought enough time. Now Russia is basically non-attackable by the United States…so the next level is, what about a local conflict? Iran is the clear example now, with the murder of Gen. Soleimani. The Russians do see that Israel has a hand in that. But I don’t think they think that Israel always is the single explanation for everything the Empire does.”

*”I’m absolutely convinced that everyone in Russia knows that 9/11 was an inside job. But they also realized that saying that openly was absolutely suicidal for them, because they could never prevail, no matter what kind of proof they present, and it would just be dismissed.”