PQC: I don’t know if these brave Chinese truly know the story behind the Wuhan Lab, its “co-operation” with Western “private” Bio-research Institutions and virologists. At any rate, they are brave, and rightly demand to report the truth.

I must emphasize that this brave action will certainly guarantee punishment in the Western world too. This is not just China Chicom “unique feature” at all.

Judging from the conversation between Chinese police and those people reporters, I can say with my own first hand experience that, at least, these Chinese polices seem to behave more “humanely” and more civilized than their counterparts in the USA and Australia.

When you try to report the facts to the public and expose the Government lies and crimes to the people, you become enemy of the State regardless of where and under which regime you live. China Chicom or the Jew-Ish-A, Australia or Vietnam etc.. All the same. Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange. journalist Annika Smethurst are those cases in point.