Folks, after having an “intensive” surfing the net this morning seeing all sort of Chinese this and China that with COVID19, I realize that the assault has been in full force, but not only on China and Chinese but Asia as the whole. There has been a call on the way to boycott all Made in China products for “fear” that these products would be infected with COVID19! So these joyful Westerners are reasoning that, in the absence of made in china products, the manufacturing will eventually come back to their own soil. Thus the West’s economy will have a big boom and full-employment will be achieved in a very short-time. Great news, indeed!

But the joy did not stop there! These good white Christians, who are full of themselves with “love and forgiveness teaching of Christ” shining with all enlightened modern human rights values , have made joyful comments with Malthusian wishful thinking that five (5) billions Asians would be killed by this “Chinese Jew-ish-A DNA, Gene targeting bio-engineered virus.”

What a great joy! Did I say that I always wished this stupid arrogant evil mammal called humankind would be wiped out of the earth by a World Nuke War? Suddenly, for my own wish, I decided to concur with these white Christians!

Why? Because, first, I know that their own governments have already prepared to make law that force them to be “vaccinated” regardless. Mandatory vaccination and mandatory quarantine for all!

Secondly, I know for a fact that the family of Flu (corona) viruses, especially the bio-engineered ones, will make unpredictable mutation in a short time, and that most importantly, at the end of the day, viruses are very racist and statist!!! They ALWAYS DISCRIMINATE “RACE” and DO ALWAYS RESPECT SOVEREIGN BORDERS, very much so indeed! (You know what I mean). But I want to digress this virus part. I am no virologist, remember!

I prefer sociology. Therefore, let me imagine the world without Asians, even without Africans etc. A perfect world of only Whites and Jews. A world of Judaism -Christianity Oh! What a wonderful world full of peace and harmony with no racial conflict ! History has proven that, hasn’t it!

Oh I am sorry, this perfect world must be without the Jews. Race and religious belief must be pure in order to have peace and harmony. I do understand this theory perfectly. My senile moment!

Oh no! Wait a second! Sorry again, there are many different kinds of Christians, so which Christian must go? I don’t know. so I just let these Christians sort this thing out among themselves as they did in the past. So, in the end there will be only one breed of white Christian left on this planet. Harmony and Peace will be here in this tiny planet with tiny population of White Christian-X at last, right?

Oh, I am sorry. I forgot that nation-states with nationalism still exist and the 1% in Government never give a shit about the rest in spite of love and forgiveness for everyone.

Christ will make his second coming to solve the very old problem, except this time He will not be a Jew and brown but a pure white with blue eyes and blond hair. As soon as this second-coming- pure white Christ utters the words of universal love and peace without national borders, He will be arrested for being radical with mental illness, globalist, and “spreading and inciting public disorder”. He still does not fit the image of “Christ” that these Christians perceive and expect. However, He will not be “crucified” again, but for love and forgiveness of modern world He will be humanely injected with newly developed lethal coronavirus!

After all , my wish still has not been realized at all! This stupid arrogant mammal are still here. Damn it!

Anyway, as always, the last word is yours.