Folks, I come back and am happy to see some kind of good news for Chinese people., for at least the death toll is declining and the recovery number is increasing. Let’s hope this news is true. However, the wave of China bashing has been intensifying with racism from all directions. Many Vietnamese, especially those belong to the “melancholy tribe” in the USA, have swallowed all the anti-Chinese propaganda from the Jew-Ish-A and virtually jumped for joy at this bio-war.

All over the web, there are “news” that the Chicom has been hiding the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions, by cremating the bodies 24/7!!! Oh my my! this “news” reminds me of the “million Jews” were gassed and cremated to make soaps and lamps in some not so large space in Germany! Have you ever attended a cremation at all? Do the math for the cremating time and the space to pile up the corpses! Yes, it’s true the Chicom has implemented drastic and draconian measures. So does any government! I have no doubt about this. This is a battle for surviving not only for the Chicom but China as a whole. China economy will collapse in chain-reaction fashion if this battle is not won soon enough. China has been under attack from multiple fronts, not just this “virus”. This :virus” is just a trigger! By now the Chinese must have understood it very well.

When the Jew-ish-A accuses others of any crime and atrocity, it’s more than just the pot calling the kettle black, but it goes beyond hypocrisy. It’s brazenly thin-skin and just pure evil.

For decades, the Jew-ish-A has invented all kind of bio-weapons and experimented not only on other people but also their owns. The Jew-ish-A is on top of this game.

According to Whitney Webb and Yoichi Shimatsu , the young Wuhan Virology Lab is a co-operated facility involving many “private leading” researchers, in which the Chicom, though no less evil, is just a new-bee in this field. My guess is the Chicom has thought they could take advantage on this “co-operation” and learn to beat the USled-West at their own game as they have done in other fields (e.g 5G,) . But as always, being double crossed and caught off guard. (remember professor Antony Sutton, folks!)

Why would the Chicom create (I doubt their current capability) a virus that kills only Chinese/ Asians but not the one that kills only Europeans and Jews? Besides, so far most of victims are old Asian folks! By the way, there is a new coronavirus death in Japan of a 80 year old person, who had no link to China/Wuhan! Coronavirus or not, hundreds of thousands children and elderly people die world wide by seasonal flu annually! And no effective vaccine ever successfully developed for such real pandemic! Do you know how many phar-mafia with top scientists out there in the West, and how much profit they have made annually just on flu-pills and flu-vaccines alone?

Side Notes: I am over 60. Through out my life I’ve never taken any pill for cold and flu. I would just use garlic, ginger, salt, and lemon. This is my late father “medicine” for cold and flu, and the flu has never lasted more than 3 days, while others would suffer for weeks with all sort of pills.

Given the size and the density of Chinese population, the current statistics shows that either this bio-weapon is not up to its task or the Chinese have done very well in combating this enemy though being caught off-guard.

As I said in “Is this “Weaponized Coronavirus” Gene-DNA Targeting? And It Is Murdering Your Liberty” , this bio-weapon is killing your liberty. People around the world have been “quarantined” , not to be cured, but to be used as “legal” guineas pigs to test new drugs! If these “guinea pigs” die, it’s because the virus kill them not the testing drugs! You get the picture folks!

All over the Western “news”, detainees have been shown happy in “quarantine!” You see folks, this is also set as testing case for future “event” when governments need to lock up people, they just need to shout “pandemic.” This is what the “pandemic” is all about. China. Wuhan is just chosen as a battle field.

Last but not least, as I said under statism, governments fight people die regardless. I also said Asians are the worst racists. Ordinary Chinese people and every people should learn a dear lesson about this. Two wrongs don’t make one right. Every people is racist doesn’t make racism is right! To be human being, we must find way to live better than this.

As always, the last word is yours.