“Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism.” Ludwig von Mises

When the state powers (governments) fighting, people die in trove regardless of whatever side. The states/governments would stop at nothing and spare no one, people of other side or their own. Only power matters! Do I need to show you, my dear readers, evidences?

You don’t need to be a good student of history to know that there has never been a war between peoples, only between the states/governments. And the causes and purposes of wars have nothing to do with people at all. In Greek mythology, there is a story of Troy, where a bloody war was fought just over of a “pussy”, Helen of Troy! In our enlightened modern time of democracy, war is not only fought because of an unsatisfied blowjob (if you don’t know this war, ask the Clintons), but mainly because some corporation just want to steal some other people natural resources, or to sell some unwanted thing or just get rid of their old, useless products. Whatever is the result, ordinary people of both sides bear all the consequences. The governments just don’t give a shit.

Ever since the concept of “the State” and its perpetuation was established, people ceased to be free human beings and have become property of the State, kings, queens, and now the nation-state and its government. The lives of millions, billions are on the hands of just a few psychopaths, who have no principle, no shame, just power.

Everything that was discovered and invented by private individuals to serve humanity, to build true humane civilization, to rid people of hardship, to cure diseases, to save and preserve life, to make life better… has been weaponized by the State/Government. All have become weapons to enslave people and to destroy life. Advanced means of transport have become tanks, war planes, warships. Education, arts, entertainments have become a gigantic machine of propaganda, lies, and indoctrinated blind obedience and hatred. Even food, medicine have become weaponized to poisoning and destroying life! Yet, the rationality is: it’s all for “national security”, our “national interest”, for the survival of “our own race”.

I don’t know about you, but I stopped buying this shit years ago. But I do know billions people still swallow such shit and put that shit deep in their hearts and minds. Please don’t ask why Peace is still an elusive dream.