Readers of this humble blog would certainly know who David Cole is, I presume. Anyway here is the hint: he was then a brave young ex-Jew man appearing in Donahue Show to expose the Holocaust Gas Chamber Hoax!

I visited IHR siteto read the introduction of his book “Republican Party Animal”, but no matter how hard I tried repeatedly, the page would not display at all. I then used TOR and voila! This tells volume about how cowardly Western society has become when it comes to these fucking Jews. I’ve always been convinced that without such cowardice, these fucking Jews will fall faster than the house of cards.

Anyway, here is the book, people should read and educate themselves.

PS: I will try my best to post some excerpts, and if I have time I will make an audio file of this book!

Republican Party Animal

  • David Cole


Softcover book. 320 pages

ISBN: 978-1-936239-91-7
Stock Number: 0955

Because this book is now out of print, it’s being offered through Amazon at outrageously high prices. It’s available here at the lowest price of any distributor – and each copy includes the author’s autograph!

In this hilarious, intriguing and sometimes spiteful memoir — subtitled “The ‘Bad Boy of Holocaust History’ Blows the Lid Off Hollywood’s Secret Right-Wing Underground” — a daring and articulate writer, commentator and filmmaker looks back at his tumultuous and controversial life.

Republican “hero” David Stein made international headlines in 2013 when he was unmasked as David Cole, the notorious Jewish “Holocaust denier” who made an entirely different set of headlines in the 1990s. He appeared as a Holocaust skeptic on national television, including the “Phil Donahue” show and, with Mark Weber, on the “Montel Williams” show. In a widely viewed video of his 1992 visit to the Auschwitz camp site Cole exposes deceit and fakery of the familiar Holocaust narrative. He was also interviewed in prominent periodicals.

In 1997 the Jewish Defense League, a violent extremist outfit, threatened to kill Cole, and put a $25,000 bounty on his head. After faking his death and changing his name, he began a new career as a filmmaker and conservative activist. His work was carried by every major conservative organ in the U.S.

Under this new identity, “David Stein” also ran one of the largest GOP party organizing operations on the West Coast, setting up private events featuring loud rock and roll, pole dancers, and lots of liquor that brought together leading Republican movers and shakers, Congressmen, administration officials, and Hollywood personalities.

It all came crashing down in May 2013 when a vengeful former girlfriend outed him publicly. The revelation about his hidden past made headlines in The Guardian in Britain, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, Yahoo News, The Washington Times, the JTA, and in other sites and periodicals.

Condemned by those who had previously lauded him, Cole was left with nothing but his story. And here he tells it, warts and all, including the first-ever exposé of the secretive Hollywood far-right underground, “Friends of Abe.” This lively, humorous memoir includes many revealing glimpses into the private lives of prominent personalities.

And in a serious 25-page appendix, Cole lays out his view of what did, and did not, happen to Europe’s Jews in “the Holocaust.” His well-researched and persuasively argued revisionist analysis rejects both the “official,” prevailing narrative as well as the similarly untenable view of the dogmatic “deniers.”

Over the years Cole has addressed several IHR meetings, including a gathering in early 2014 when he broke 18 years of silence to speak for the first time publicly about his adventures, achievements and mishaps during the 1990s, and his secretive career since then.