For the first time Robert David Steele brings together Humanitad founder Sacha Stone, Bioweapons and radiation expert Mark Steele (UK), and 5G and energetics (scalar) Research Professor Lakicevic (Serbia) to discuss the coronavirus, the role of 5G in reducing immunity and making the virus worse and — perhaps most importantly — the newly available 5G remediation technology available backed up by Clinical Trials / HRV / Darkfield Micrsoscopy and the Masaru Emoto Hado Institute. Although not addressed in this short video, the bioshield appears — subject to additional testing — to be effective against all forms of harmful radiations including full on nuclear and depleted uranium. In an ending that surprised Robert Steele, the Professor juxtaposed the healing power of love — the love-energy option — with the bioshield option as an aid to those slow to master the love healing (such as Robert Steele, cranky old spy seeking to #UNRIG the system). He has one on order. Here are the links for each guest: Sacha Stone, Founder, Humanitad Learn more: 5G Apocalyse Movie: Mark Steele, Radiation Threat Specialist Learn more at Ilija Lakicevic, Research Professor Learn more about 5GBioShield: