Yesterday, I heard the news that Australian and European “authorities” were “repatriating” their citizens home to “quarantine” them! I don’t know where the European governments would “quarantine” their citizens , but coronavirus suspected Oz will be flown directly to Christmas Island, the same place where illegal immigrants have been detained.

Australia To Quarantine Wuhan Evacuees On Asylum-seeker Island

There you have it people. From now on, if, in the eyes of the “Health Authority” , you are reported by “anyone” that you have coronavirus symptoms you will be arrested and flown to quarantine “safe place” for the safety of the community.

Australia To Quarantine Wuhan Evacuees On Asylum-seeker Island

Meanwhile, China has asked Russia to develop “vaccine” for this “novel virus”. China has given Russia all the “data” on the virus. The interesting thing is the USA then asked China for permission to send
American “scientists” to Wuhan to “help” China collecting data and fighting the virus!

I just wonder if China doctors did really cure dozen of infected patients, then why the hell the death tolls has been rising rapidly? Obviously, outside China, infected patients have been cured totally and completely . Not a single death! How? Did China know this? That looks like THEY have antidote as I earlier mentioned.

So far, ONLY Chinese inside mainland China have been killed by this “novel virus”. Outside China, all infected patients have been cured completely!

Last but most “interesting” notice. So far, according to reported news around the world, ONLY Chinese and Asians have been infected! Gene, DNA targeting Virus, people?

“China coronavirus: 195 evacuated Americans healthy but are being isolated voluntarily in California, US says .

As always the last word is yours.