PQC: I don’t know, but having read the review of this book by Ron Unz, I got a optimistic feeling about this particular exposure. By exposing the cold blood, ruthless, barbaric indiscriminate assassination operandi of the Mossad and its sayanim around the world , “THEY” might have wanted to scare anyone who dares to be “anti-Jews.” THEY would stop at nothing and spare no one, ordinary innocents by-standers, even their own have been murdered by Mossad. THEY do have high degree of control over the CIA and the like three letter organization in every Western nation-state. Especially the “Five Eyes”. It’s exactly the Jewish Controlled Cabal!

The book was published 25 years ago (1994). Since then there have been more and more ordinary people as bloggers and vloggers publicly steeping forward to fearlessly criticize Jews with contempt. I have found many knowledgeable and sharp commenters at Unz Review in this regard. I have no statistics on this, but it’s obvious that there are people who don’t give a shit about their “threatening message.” That’s something we can build on.

Anyway, here is the Audio book of Victor Ostrovsky – The Other Side of Deception.

And here is The BOOK in PDF

Enjoy and educate yourself! As always, the last word is yours.