Audio of the whole book German’s War by John Wear

If it was not for the works of Professor Antony Sutton, (Antony C Sutton 1976 Lecture Full Length) who would have thought that it’s was the Americans elites (read: the Jewish Controlled Cabal) that “created” the Soviet Union and nurtured it into a super power nation-state? Who would have thought. much less to know, that it was the “American elites”, if you don’t want to call them by their true names, the fucking Jews, who provided both sides, namely the German Nazis and the Soviets, among other things, with technology and weapons? Who would have thought that it was the “Jew- Ish- A” that assisted and helped China not only to become a communist state but a modernized super power in 21th century?

Anyway, like every single high school student in the world, my informative years of youth full of curiosity and energy was indoctrinated with a full tidal wave of “state made history.” I swallowed all these rubbishes with diligence and pride, although I was lucky to have a scholarly father, who would try his best in his own gentle and indirect way to suggest some corrections to his stupid, stubborn, arrogant son. I kept swallowing these rubbishes extended with official text books in the so-called political science at Australian higher education institutions. (It was the first time in my life stuying directly and formally in Western system, humbly at the Sydney Institution of Technology in 1986. All the books I had read on the same subjects were translations. Imagine how amazed I was then! 🙂

For all these years of my “new informative period” in the West, not a single professor mentioned the name of Antony Sutton, much less other “revisionists” , who would be thrashed as “conspiracy theorists”, a cardinal sin in Western academy. By now, I know that I would be excused, for even Ron Unz, a native Westerner had been lied to until he found out the facts and truth with his later own research with the help of works done by many brave, principled revisionists .

In this 21th century, these rapes and assaults on history have never ceased but intensified with the full combination of forces of the state power and modern “private” corporations. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet and the world wide web, a layperson, from wherever he/she lives, can access to the whole works of these true great historians and authors with simple clicks of the computer mouse at his/her time and space. Of course if one really wants to know.

Fact is always stranger than fiction indeed! You must read these professional works to believe it.

That is to say there is no more excuse for “not knowing”. Unless one is a wilful ignorant. Nevertheless, I admit, one does have the “right” to choose “I don’t care” and “I don’t want to know” though!

In the past, I introduced to my readers the works of Professor Antony Sutton. In this special occasion of the Jewish Holocaust Hoax Remembrance day, a shameless assault on facts and truth about the WWII, I introduce to my readers another important work on the WWII, German’s War book by John Wear. I have used “IVONA Text to Speech” to produce Audio files of the whole German’s War book by John Wear for those readers, who somehow do not have time to sit down and read.

This book is easy to read, even for a non-native English speaker like me. The greatest, most important feature, or quality of this book, I must say, is that Readers would find very little of the Author’s opinion on the subject, but full of facts and documented details concerning the whole WWII from the pre-War preparation to the aftermath of the War. This book is an indispensable complementary to the works of Professor Antony Sutton.

Please make time to download these audio files and listen to them at your free time. Don’t let these great efforts of these brave persons fading away in history in vain!

As always, don’t just swallow the book, take your time to read/listen to it. The last word is always yours.