I am no virologist. I am just a normal person with strong interest in study of politics and power. Not because I adore or like it, but because of its destructiveness. No need to brag about my life experience with war, racism, and power of the state, for billions of people around the world are more qualified than I am in this regard.

Given the well-known American exceptionalism and the Atlantic-Zionist ultimate strategic end: that is no country will be allowed to have an equal sitting with the Yanks and the Jews, much less surpassing them. This also means the Yanks and the Jews (Atlantic Zionists) will stop at nothing to crush any potential threat to their power, even at the cost of their own people lives and well-being! That’s how statism and its state power works. It’s called Real-politics!

China with the bitter experience of the “opium war” should have been well prepared for all kind of assault from them. Alas, so far, China has been complacent with immature hubris, if not to say naive about the West/ Atlantic-Zionists. China must have seen how happy they have been since the news of this “outbreak” came out! More China bashing!

The geo-timing of the so-called Wuhan coronavirus, in my perspective, is no coincidence at all. Wuhan location is a center of China landmass and domestic population migration. Lunar new-year is the most busy and largest migration time in the country. And most noticeable is the economic and political status of China has been looming over the West either real or perceived.

This “outbreak” if not quickly and successfully contained, it will cost China not only the millions deaths of its citizens, but its reputation/credit in both domestic and abroad, that in turn will hold back China economic progress if not destroying it in a chain-reaction fashion. So what China should do now?

China does know better than anyone else that, in bio-engineering, normal virus can EASILY be weaponized and turned deadly. And the virus-creators always have the anti-dote successfully tested before deploying it. Thus, if I were China, I would find way to “send back” the Wuhan corona-virus to, say New-York, as quickly as possible and make it become NewYork coronavirus so that the USA must “share” their antidote.

As for long term strategy, Chicom must “reform” its domestic ruling method, namely give Chinese more autonomy power to defense and develop themselves. After all, its populous free and well educated Chinese are the strength of China.

Last but not least, China must retaliate in kind if not more severe to ANY ATTACK. big and small. This is to make the people in the opposite side a taste of pain that they love to inflict on others. Otherwise the more severe assault will come, if not imminently. They have already planned!

Oh my! What an anarchist like me to “preach” the statists how to do their natural job!