Holocaust: The Second Worst Organized Religion After Statism

I’ve felt sick at the bottom of my stomach to see the whole Western world kneeing down to the Jewish Holocaust Hoax altar, except Poland that pays half of a knee to it.

By now, those who’ve paid attention and did a proper research, know that German/Hitler did not started the World War Two. But it was the Jews and the Western elites, who provoked, or rather trapped German/Hitler into this horrible war. The WWII was more than just a racket as general Smedley Butler had pointed out. It was a Jewish conspiracy. There have been many serious researches on this War and many well documented books have been written by serious scholars with clear evidences, that prove this particular War, among other things, was a Jewish conspiracy.

Today, serious readers do not need to spend much effort to go around to find facts and the truth, many principled and courage professional historians have done all the heavy lifting for all of us. One just needs to do some internet clicking at websites such as The UNZ Review, The Institution for Historical Review, and Corbett Report and have it all. I do not need to repeat their great works here. And I do not need to convince anyone. People must use their critical thinking and convince themselves.

In war, there was no heroes, especially the WWII. Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler etc they were all war criminals. 45,000,000 millions innocent civilian people alone from many countries were mass-murdered by governments and their soldiers of all sides, especially, hundreds of thousands innocent German people were mass-murdered AFTER THE WAR HAD ENDED by the Allied force, mainly the Americans. Not to mention that after the WWII, the French brutally and brazenly re-consolidated their rule over Vietnam with the help of the USA. And subsequently, the Chicom/Soviets and the American dictated the Vietnam War, which ended after 20 years of crazy and stupid fighting with chemical weapons murdering more than 3 millions Vietnamese! Many children were born deformed by USA horrible chemical weapons are still suffering today. But only the imagined number of “Six millions Jews” has been remembered and worshiped around the Western world as a unique WWII victim-hood every year, and is repeated every time the Jews commit crimes! This conspiracy has made the holocaust hoax a new Jewish international political religion ever since!

As far as I am concerned, this new Jewish political religion has transmuted the Jews, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years into being (mistakenly) seen as the greatest victims!(Ron Unz)

If one still has humane things call heart and brain, one must ask where is the remembrance day for hundreds millions victims of hundreds of years of imperialism and colonialism across the third world? Where is the remembrance day for the victims of communism, which, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “was responsible for the deliberate slaughter of approximately 66 million people in what is still the worst holocaust ever recorded in human history?

The world has been contaminated with the filthy Jewish plagiarized fiction books, stupidly and mindlessly called the old “Bible,” which had played as “core values” of the West… until now that has been surpassed by the new Jewish international religion with another fiction: the Holocaust! This new Jewish political religion has been forced down upon the people in West with fear and guilt by the international Jews and their Western elite lackeys. This is in itself an obvious conspiracy: It’s the Jewish controlled Cabal!

With this new international political religion, the Jews has gained a blank check to commit crimes against, not only the people of Middle East but also people in the West. This new international political religion has been used effectively to enslave the Western world, including Russia!

With this Jewish Holocaust religion firmly established, the Jews have openly controlled the Western system in almost every aspect of life with such an unprecedented level of brazenness that the whole western governments have become the shields and swords of the Jews against their very own Western people.

Western countries have been ravaged by not only aggression-wars with other countries with no end in sight, but by economic, financial and social crises instigated by the Jews ever since. Right now, as we are all witnessing, the Middle East and the West are all in crises! Just look at the USA theater alone, can you see who the key political, economic, social actors, actresses are? Most of them are Jews who play dominant roles! Do I need to present readers with evidences?

The most terrifying thing is that many principled, intelligent, and brave people, Jews, ex-Jews, and non-Jews such as the late professor Israel Shahak, professor Shlomo Sand, professor Ilan Pappé, author Miko Peled, Dr Alan Sabrosky: author Israel Shamir, author Ron Unz , author and saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, the great Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, French historian Laurent Guyénot, author: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, journalist Alan Hart… and many serious scholars in revisionist movement … have tried their best, facing financial ruin, imprisonment, even death to expose these Jewish crimes and conspiracy with concrete evidences. These great persons have dedicated their lives for truth, and to wake people up… but the Western people have been heavily sedated, and drunken with the stupidity of hate toward other non-Jews. Have people ever learned the lesson of “divide to conquer” at all?

Judging by the theatrical show of the Holocaust (hoax) remembrance day with all the mainstream narrative full of lies and made-up stories told and spoken by MSM and politicians around the Western world, I can see the problem has only been getting worse!

Statism is destructive enough, and it has gotten much worse as it’s run along side by the Jewish Holocaust religion. I have seen no light at the end of the tunnel.




Research Starters: Worldwide Deaths in World War II

WWII History

Soldiers viewing graves

Deaths by Country

CountryMilitary DeathsTotal Civilian and Military Deaths
Dutch East Indies3-4,000,000
French Indochina1-1,500,000
New Zealand11,90011,900
Papua New Guinea15,000
South Africa11,90011,900
Soviet Union8,800,000-10,700,00024,000,000
United Kingdom383,600450,700
United States416,800418,500

Worldwide Casualties*

Battle Deaths15,000,000
Battle Wounded25,000,000
Civilian Deaths45,000,000