PQC: Yes, again, again, and will be again…What did I say about the incompetency of the current political system of Iran? This is the work of Mossad Sayanim and Iranian turn-coats as always. True independent Iranians must move and act fast before the Yanks and the Jews install their own puppets on Tehran. Iranians don’t have to put up with these Mullahs in order to be effective in the stand of anti-Anglo-Zionist Imperialism. Since 1979, Iranian true strength has been held back by these Mullahs backward thinking with their incompetency.

Muslim nations in general and Iran in particular MUST HAVE NUKE in order to survive. The Yanks and their Master Jews will never let any potential nation, especially Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran in peace and intact to be developed to challenge their status. It’s not because of oils, its not because of “human rights and democracy!” The ruling class of the West never give a fuck about other people well being even their own people. Chaos and destruction are their real strategic purpose.

I learnt this dear lesson in the Vietnam War. The Yanks did not “loose” the War”. They came to dump old weapons and test new ones for the Military Security Industry Complex. Those stupid poor unwanted Yankees were sent to Vietnam as murderers and guinea pigs. Thus the Yanks withdrew in 1973 after they had bombed the hell out of the North just to force the Vicom sit down and sign the “Paris Accord” and had made better deal with China in 1972. The incompetent puppets in Saigon were kept in the dark and did not know a thing. Three millions innocent Vietnamese died for nothing. It’s our fault in a big part. My late father, a true nationalist in the resistance force during 1940s against both the French and the Vicom, used to say to me with bitter voice “We, the Vietnamese should have known better about the West after 100 brutal years under the French colonialism.”

I hope that Iranians somehow learn the lesson and will not fall into the trap of the West after the Mullahs.

Militia ally of Iran’s Soleimani shot dead in southwest Iran: IRNA

DUBAI (Reuters) – Gunmen in Iran shot dead a commander of the hardline Basij militia who was an ally of Qassem Soleimani, the senior Revolutionary Guards commander killed in a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, the official news agency IRNA reported on Wednesday.

The Basij are under the command of the Guards, the most powerful and heavily armed security force in the Islamic Republic.

IRNA said that Abdolhossein Mojaddami, a Basij commander in the city of Darkhovin in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, was shot on Tuesday in front of his home by two men riding a motorcycle.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, IRNA said. It described Mojaddami as one of the “defenders of the shrine”, a reference used to describe members of security forces who have fought in recent conflicts in Iraq or Syria.

Soleimani, a general who oversaw Iran’s drive to extend its influence across the Middle East, was killed at Baghdad airport on Jan. 3, prompting Iran to fire missiles at U.S. forces in Iraq in an escalation of their confrontation over Tehran’s nuclear program and broader security issues in the region.

On Saturday, the United States said it had imposed sanctions on a Revolutionary Guards general in Khuzestan who commanded units Washington accused of responsibility for killing anti-government protesters in November.

The U.S. State Department cited “multiple” media reports and information submitted by Iranians through its “Rewards for Justice” tipline saying that Guards units killed as many as 148 protesters with machinegun fire and by setting fire to a marsh in which protesters took cover in the city of Mahshahr.

Iranian authorities disputed the U.S. account, saying security forces confronted “rioters” who they described as a security threat to petrochemical plants and to a key energy supply route that, if blocked, would have created a crisis.

Protests in November were initially sparked by hikes in gasoline prices but demonstrators quickly expanded their demands to cover calls for more political freedom and other issues.

The unrest prompted the bloodiest crackdown on demonstrators in the 40-year history of the Islamic Republic, which blamed foreign enemies for rising tensions.

Reporting by Babak Dehghanpisheh; Editing by Mark Heinrich