Yes, indeed, the mind of human being is somehow working in its own dream, wishful thinking rather than reality.

Every government is tramping on its own law and its own constitution. In the USA, the “greatest democracy” on earth with the most famed “bill of rights”, everyday people are shot dead by government goons and thugs often with no justifiable reason at all. Particularly many have been shot dead because they legally had permit gun as in the case of 61-year-old Gary Willis. Yet, “intellectuals” and “journalists” especially the so-called alt-right people keep babbling about “rights.”

Right is what a person naturally endowed with by nature by birth with or without recognition by the State. If one is a believer, rights come from the Creator or God. Thus, rights cannot be given or taken away at the will of any person or any human political institution. No government, no document can give rights to human being. Human and its institutions can only recognize these already existing rights. If these natural rights are not recognized and violated, people would fight for them to be recognized and respected .

How can a right mind person claim he/she has a right to bear arms while he/she has to apply for the permission to have it TEMPORARILY until it is confiscated by the State for whatever reason/excuse/pretext produced?

If it is a right then one does not need a permission from anyone and obey restrictions imposed by any one at all!

Furthermore, under the current statism, the “right to bear arms” has no true meaning when the right of self-defense does not exist. (is not recognized). A licensed gun owner can take self-defense to shoot his/her other fellow citizens, but he/she is not allowed and dares not do so to the government goons and thugs. Even though more often than not these government goons and thugs are always the real imminent threat to licensed gun owner citizens. In one word, the government goons and thugs can shoot you, a citizen, at will, whereas you, a licensed gun owner cannot shoot these goons and thugs even if they are actually shooting at you and your loved ones in your own home!

You see, a legal gun does make you less safe, or rather more likely to be killed by the government goons and thugs.

Imagine if some principled and courage citizen did shoot back at these government goons and thugs to protect him/herself and his/her family. In this case, if this person some how by miracle survive the shoot out, the State will not let this brave righteous citizen to be a “bad example”, a dangerous precedence to the power of the State. You know what will happen to this brave and righteous citizen, don’t you?

Under statism, rights do not exist ( or never be recognized as such), only privileges, which can be given with conditions and restrictions, and taken away by the State at the will of the ruling class!

After all, “nation”, “the State” are just euphemism for the ruling oligarchs, who decide and impose their own will on the people. Democracy and (s)election are drugs that make people dreaming and so, be easily controlled.

This is the reality on this political planet, regardless of in which political system one lives.

If you want your “right to bear arms” have a true meaning, you must demand the right of self defense against anyone threatening your life and your loved ones’ especially against the government goons and thugs. After all, Is that the real purpose of the “second amendment” is for the militia to use arms to shoot at the government when their liberty and rights are violated?

To be blunt, such demand will not be possible, cannot be accepted under statism. No true right is protected and respected under statism. If you want to exercise your natural rights and these rights to be respected, the state power must be abolished. Otherwise under statism, rights are just all illusion and delusion. Rights of man and State power cannot co-exist, they are mutually exclusive! This is self-evident!

Yet, you may deny this reality and keep insisting on your American dream, Australian dream, German dream, British dream, Canadian dream, Chinese dream, Russian dream etc.. That’s perfectly fine and normal, because you actually are sleeping!