PQC: I have written about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin enough. However, in this series of financial crises by central banks around the world, I need to stress some important points from public blockchain perspective.

1- The real price of crypto-money, especially Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is mainly determined by the pure crypto-cash market. That is the free market that only uses crypto (bitcoin. bitcoin cash) as medium of exchange for goods and services. The size of this market is unknown by “nature”, since governments do not like it but have no control over it! Nevertheless, this market holds the true demand for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

2-The crypto exhange market, where speculators and MINERS, who have to sell out their mined cryptos at any price at any point for fiats in order to pay for their operating expensives. This market, by nature, is fluctuating as any fiats exchange market.

3-The last and the most important aspect of the current crypto market is those BIG WHALES, who possess MILIIONS OF BITCOINS and BITCOIN CASH (after the fork), who can virtually flush the market with a wave of lowering price of cryptos to drive the price down, then slowly make micro buy back, or drastically swallow big chunks of bitcoins back to push the price up. All depend on their political purpose.

The catch is we don’t know who these big whales really are. My suspect is most of them are central bank players. Because, as I explained in previous articles, only central banks have unlimited printed fiat money with unlimited number of agents to dedicate their sole effort in manipulating (buying and selling) cryptos market. Pubic cryptos and blockchains are the enemies of the state power and Jewish controlled banking industry. Thus only the state and the fucking Jewish controlled banking industry have the urge to sabotage the cryptos.

Thus, the price of Bitcoin can be at any for a short period of time, depends on these Big Whales political purposes. Money to them is not an issue at all, since they can literally print money from thin air!

Fortunately, since the supply of Bitcoin is known, certain, and finite, that is fixed at less than 21 million coins in total, they could not do much except made some fiat price fluctuation for a short-time only no matter how much fiat money they can print. The more they print the more crises they bring upon themselves, namely the purchasing power of fiats going down faster and faster as we all have experienced: inflation!

At the end of the day, it’s the SIZE of the pure crypto-cash market that determines the purchasing power of bitcoin (crypto) in terms of goods and services, and in turn the fiat price of bitcoin in exchange market.

A bitcoin can be worth millions of US dollars. One day, one Satoshi will be equal to one dollar!

Everything is possible. Please DO NOT EVER TRUST THESE “EXPERTS”

Do your own research and critical thinking.


Bitcoin Price Matches Stock-to-Flow Forecast as $100K Halving Nears

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Bitcoin (BTC) now almost perfectly aligns with the historically accurate price chart, which has charted its growth from pennies to digital gold.

According to data from Digitalik, a resource that monitors Bitcoin’s position relative to the Stock-to-Flow model, as of Jan. 20, BTC/USD is exactly where it should be. 

$8.6K Bitcoin sticks rigidly to forecasts

Stock-to-Flow measures the Bitcoin price using two factors: the stock — the number of Bitcoins in circulation — and the flow, which is the number of new Bitcoins entering circulation. 

Bitcoin’s low emission rate relative to its existing supply — like gold — means Stock-to-Flow constitutes useful evidence in the argument that Bitcoin is “digital gold.”

The cryptocurrency’s run-up to $9,000 last week took it slightly over where Stock-to-Flow pricing forecasts suggested it might trade. 

Bitcoin price versus Stock-to-Flow

Bitcoin price versus Stock-to-Flow. Source: Digitalik/ PlanB

At press time, however, BTC/USD traded at $8,680 — just $150 above the forecasts.

BTC on track for $100,000 in 2021

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Stock-to-Flow’s creator, the analyst known as PlanB, originally suggested that Bitcoin would hover at an average of in the year before its block reward halving in May 2020.

At that point, a 50% reduction in the number of new Bitcoins released to miners each block would further limit the flow versus the existing stock. Thereafter, he has said, price performance should accelerate dramatically — by 2022, a single Bitcoin should be worth around $100,000.

In 2019, BTC/USD only temporarily diverged from Stock-to-Flow as it hit $13,800, only to fall below expectations for a similarly brief period in December.