PQC: For the last 7 days I have pondered much about the shooting of the Ukraine Airlines Flight 752. No well-informed person with normal critical thinking would believe the official explanations from governments be it Iran or the US. Since then unanswered questions keep rising, and big names in the alt-media have chimed in trying to make sense of the whole tragedy.

I am no expert at all, but I am not satisfied with all what I have read.

Ever since I got this “braking news” from the crypto-zionist web site Zero-hegde, just right after the incident, implying the Iranian Mullahs did it:

“This terrible accident comes after Iranian President Rouhani appeared to threaten a western airliner.


I smelled something stinking at the core of it. My gut feeling told me the Yanks and the Jews had planned this and waited for it to happen.

The very first obvious question almost everyone asked is why the Iranian authority did not do the basic indispensable safety and defensive measure by issuing an order grounding all commercial air traffic before and after their multi-missile retaliation?

But that question is not important now, since the Iranians have admitted that their air-defense shot the airline.

I suspect that the reason they quickly accept their incompetence because they want to hide a bigger, a more serious incompetence than just a mere mistake and error of some air-defense personnel.

As we all know now that the Iranian had informed the US about their saving-face retaliation hours before. This means both sides had had a serious “talk” and the Iranian naively believed the “deal” that nothing would happen. However, just minutes after the “retaliation” their air defense shot down the air-line TWICE WITHOUT ORDER FROM THE HIGH UPS! The Iranian leaders must have known right away that their men had done it without their permission. They must have found out that they had enemies lying deep inside their own “home”, and the whole system has been compromised.

That is exactly what the Iranian leadership does not want to admit and cannot admit openly. They would rather admit “human error” from some low level personnel than the incompetency of the whole leadership-government, which itself has been infiltrated deeply by the Jews and their “sayanim” along side with Iranian turn coats!

The problem is, this “knowledge” is nothing new to them at all. For years, Iranian scientists, high-ranking officials have been assassinated on their own territories by the Jews at ease and at will. Iranian military bases have been attacked with accuracy and ease without any meaningful retaliation at all Not to mention the Stuxnet!

As I have said that the Muslim world in general and the Iranian Islamic regime in particular have been weaken by not only the Jewish sayanim but their own turn-coats, who are easily to be bought and recruited by the CIA/Mossad. It’s all because the way they treat/rule their own citizens with all sort of silly and stupid “religious laws”.

Just look at Hong-kongers, who have openly been sided with the “foreign enemies” against their own “beloved” and “great” Chicom… and still got elected by the local people!

Muslim people too, when they run away from political economic problem, or even natural disasters, they do not run to Arab Saudi, Turkey… but TO THE INFIDEL WEST!

This is what the Muslim leaders have tried to hide.

As I concluded in the previous article, that 179 people including many children, regardless of whatever really happened behind, were murdered by the stupidity and incompetency of the Iranian religious regime.

When you rule your people with iron fists and stupid laws, don’t expect their loyalty. When millions of your own people voting with their feet and their fists against you, don’t blame foreigner interference.