PQC: By nature, the power of the State is the (un) law unto itself. That means the State can break any of its own law anytime for the power of the State is absolute. Every government breaks its own law.

The USA is not only a nation-state but also an empire. An empire does not need to observe any law except the law of the strongest, the law of guns. In this 21th century it’s only the law of nuke that the USA could be forced to “observe”.

Domestically, the government of the USA does not give a shit about the toilet paper called the “constitution” much less its own “law”. And internationally even globally, as an Empire, the USA government does not give a fuck about international law, which has been only imposed on weak nation states.

Politics is all about power. One can only talk with power if one possesses an equal power.

In the today world, if one want to talk “law” to the Yanks and the Jews, one must have not only just nukes but also the daring will to use them. As we have been witnessing those having nukes but without a daring will to use them have still been bullied and humiliated by the Yanks and the Jews. Only North Korea, an only small nation with “small nukes” but a strong daring will to use them, has been standing head high.

Having nukes and a daring will to use them are the only language the Yanks and the Jews understand.