PQC: I’ve known the Yanks since the Vietnam War and then after that period, I lived in the land of Yanks for two years. Most of the Yanks are war-like people, hot head, and full of themselves. Like every nationalist and patriot everywhere around the world , the Yanks don’t give a shit about what other said about their government or even whatever their government commits. “My government, my country, right or wrong”. That’s how and why government can lie many times over, and over again and as much as they want. Don’t expect a nationalist, a patriot people to “remember” their government lies!

The Yanks love war, they love torturing and murdering others. They enjoy those things and are proud of that. They often brag about their exceptionalism! They think they are the best and would never loose! So, they will make war and go to war, especially for their beloved fucking Jews as always.

As I often said, in war there is no hero, only murderers. Without the consent and support of the people, there would be no war at all. People deserve their government. They deserve everything that happens to them with their government. It’s “democracy” isn’t it?