Iran has lost not only its dearest son, Qasem Soleimani , but also more than hundred of their best and bright Iranians in the ill-fated UIAi flight 752. The Americans become even less safe and much more despised and hated around the world, not just in the Muslim world.

The tragic incident of downing of UIAi flight 752 by Iranian air defense must be blamed squarely on Iran both its leaderships and its military personnel.

Given the seriousness and danger of the confrontation situation with the most powerful and most reckless enemies of all, namely the Yanks and the Jews, Iran should have done all the basic safety measures before carrying out the retaliation. But it did not!

Iran should have issued a grounding order of all commercial air traffic at least 24 hours before and weeks after the “missile retaliation”. But somehow (naivety and stupidity) they did not.

Yes, We must speak truth to power and especially to true friends.

Yet, the tragic incident has showed that Iran has not reached the level of professionalism and readiness to confront those two powerful and reckless enemies. In one word, it’s sheer incompetence and lack of governance professionalism of the whole Iranian system that has put the Iran at it is right now.

How many Iranian important officials (military officials and scientists) have been murdered right inside Iranian soils? How many times Iran has been directly attacked by the Yanks and the Jews right inside their own territory?

Have Iranians ever asked themselves that how easily and accurately they have been targeted inside their own “home”? These attacks have been done successfully with ease not because the Yanks and the Jews , though powerful, are super clever or possess super techniques but because of Iran’s incompetency.

Sinve 1979, it has been proved that there are a lot of turn-coats inside Iran who are either “sayanim” or disgruntle Pahlavi remnants, who are easily can be bought/recruited by Mossad/CIA. If one does pay attention, one does not need to read “By Way of Deception” to know this. Unfortunately, it seems Iran leadership does not have a ability to learn. Pne cannot improve oneself without understanding one’s own problem.

All the passengers of the UIAi flight 752 did not die because of an unfortunate “human error” under war threat posed by the Yanks, but they were murdered by the sheer prolonged stupidity and incompetency of the Iranian governing leadership! No excuse!