PQC: First It’s breaking your heart, and then puzzling your mind for the whole thing is defying logic!

How can people keep saying such thing as “this is my country, MY FATHERLAND, MY MOTHERLAND, this is our homeland, the land that our ancestors passed down to us … bal bla bla.. But then in reality, the land does not belong to you, not even as you have money and bought a piece of it. Unless you are so super powerful rich that makes you a member of the Cabal, the real owners of the nation.

The land, the nation (including your body, your life) is owned by the “state”, which is represented by the government of the day.

Anyone, native or foreigner, can “buy ” a piece of land only with the permission of the State. In reality, you do not buy the land, but just rent it! Unless somehow you have the almost impossible “Allodial title. ”

The fact that you was born into the land and that you are 100% direct descendant of the natives, does not guarantee you a place to live unless you have money! Otherwise you are homeless! So, why do people keep repeating the unsubstantiated stupid empty mantras that “we, the people own the nation, and that “our ancestors passed down the land to us”?

The fact that no body creates this planet. It has been here for billions of years. Even if you are a believer, It’s here by “God” for all of the livings. Well, I know, according to some beliefs, this planet is given by God for “man” only! All the rest is “man” property gifted from God at his disposal!

Nevertheless, as we can see with our naked eyes that all other creatures on this planet, can live freely, move freely, and have a place to call home at their choosing. Except we, us, human kind! Everything humankind does needs permission/ license from the State (marrying, buying, selling etc…)

I know for a fact that somewhere on this planet, in some nation, some young homeless guys joined the army, did some tour of duty, did some killing… to protect their fatherland, motherland, their people’s freedoms, their nation’s democracy… for some years, they then came home again, and this time, they become “honorable discharge” homeless Vets.

I have been around different nations, from East to West, from poor to rich nations. Everywhere I went, I saw a constant war not on poverty per se, but on the poor in different forms, a.k.a national policies, which are specifically designed to keep “poverty” alive on purpose!

Anyway, most important thing of all is, every other creature has and exercise its natural right of self-defense, self-preservation naturally. Only human kind gives its up to the State! As a matter of fact, the State can order anyone to kill and be killed. Even a government thug a.k.a police can execute a death penalty on the spot on everyone!

Well, that’s why human kind is the most intelligent species on earth, I guess!