Conservatism is on the rise, we all have been told, with nationalism of all different rhetoric and colors!

It’s no brainier to know that nothing in universe stays the same! Everything changes. However conservatives around the world are lamenting about change. They often moan that “my parents/great parents generations could have never recognized their country, their society today.” As matter of fact NO PREVIOUS GENERATION COULD NEVER DO!

I myself, within my own life time, could not even recognize Australia that was more than thirty years ago when I arrived in this arse end of the world. I could not even recognize my ex-shithole Vietnam as I visited it back 20 years ago! My “Vietnamese” is somewhat and somehow different from the Vietnamese spoken by the people living in today Vietnam! And not surprisingly, I cannot almost even recognize myself not only in a bunch of old photos taken in the span of 40 years or so, but every time I look at myself “thinking” in the mirror! This is not a complain, but a vindication what I have learnt from Taosim’s Tao Tse Ching, the “Book of Change”, and Buddhist sutra: life and everything related to it are impermanent, and that “nothingness” is the mother of all universe!

Even God cannot defy change, he himself has changed (or rather has “been” changed) in time and space since he was created! (Please don’t ask me who created God, otherwise my silly answer would be the God-Father!) So what the hell is that people want to conserve? Tradition? Hierarchy? Identity? Authority? Well, Good luck with all that!

If these conservatives were successful with what they have done, then we all would have lived as in some “when” and some “where” in the past! But we are living as we do now for better or worse!

Anyway, one thing I have noticed is that the more people try to conserve something, the more they desperately push themselves into the force of change!