PQC: No no no, RT! You, the little girl and the coward Jew ass-kisser Rick Sanchez are just pro authority mouthpieces. You don’t know a thing about life under communists.

The whole point is all about the ChiCom and its absolute rule! Not only are Hong Kongers desperate, but also the Taiwanese, the Tibetans, The Hui people! You don’t live their lives facing the Chicom every single day, little girl!

People of Hong Kong ( the Taiwanese, the Tibetans, The Hui people) don’t want to live under the ChiCom! Do you? Rick Sanchez fled Cuba, didn’t he?

More than anyone, the Hong Kongers physically feel the ChiCom claws reaching their throats at every single clock ticking! Hong Kongers have been living with this sure thing of nightmare ever since the ChiCom took back this city from the British!

The Yankees know this and are exploiting it for their own purpose. This is no brainier, of course everyone knows it, and the Hong Kongers are not as dumb as you RT people! Hong Kongers know this more than anyone else. They know more than everyone of us that their future is doom under the ChiCom rules whether directly or indirectly, there is no difference. They have been living in a desperate situation. Thus, what they have been doing is desperate measure. I know because I have been there, done that myself with both the VietCom and ChiCom!

I personally can wear the Hong Kongrers’ shoes. They KNOW and UNDERSTAND very well that the Yanks have been exploiting the situation and “using” them. So the Hong Kongers have been DESPERATELY trying to DOUBLE-USE the YANKS to push back the claws of the ChiCom. Both the Hong kongers and the Yanks have been using each other against their common enemy, the ChiCom, for each own reason! The same is true for Taiwanese people and the Hui people.

It’s so “noble” for you to “talk” against “the USA imperialism” in your comfort armchairs, while the Hong Kongers have been facing the looming of the real tyranny over their lives everyday. If you really want to understand why the Hong Kongers, the Hui people, the Taiwanese, the Tibetans all of them fear and despise the ChiCom and did what they did, MOVE YOUR ASSES TO CHINA AND LIVE THERE AS THE LOCALS DO FOR A WHILE!