Who is Chris Chappell?

Chris Chappell is an online reporter by profession and is best known for being the host of the YouTube channel China uncensored. His best-known works are Journey to the East (2011), Killed for Organs: China’s Secret State Transplant Business (2012) and The Coalition Roundtable (2017). Here is all we know about the controversial reporter.

Source: Branding in Asia  (Chris Chappell)

Chris Chappell: Age, Family, Education

Chris Chappell was born in the United States and thus holds American nationality. His ethnicity is Caucasian.

Chris joined the New York University in 2009 and graduated from the same a Master of Arts (M.A.), Music Theory and Composition in 2011. He also has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Music Theory and Composition from California Lutheran University in the class of 2003 to 2007. He speaks English and Chinese (traditional) language.

There is no information available on his date of birth, age, parents, and siblings.

Source: The Sydney Institute  (Chris Chappell)

Chris Chappell: career and China Uncensored

Chris is the creator, host, and author of the YouTube channel China Uncensored. He had created the channel in September 2012 which is currently based in New York and has over 615k subscribers.

The YouTube series is produced by Falun Gong.

Chris shared that he first became interested in China long ago. Back then he was facing a bit of health issue and the doctors could not determine the reason behind it. With the advice from a Chinese friend, he took the advice, began the traditional Chinese treatment which cured him.

Even his doctors were shocked to see him heal!

They also have a second YouTube channel called America uncovered which has over 48k subscribers.

Source: Friends of Falun Gong  (Chris Chappell)

Chris Chappell: China Uncensored banned, controversy

In 2017, Apple TV app store had blocked users from accessing the show from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

“Apple approved the China Uncensored Apple TV app in March 2017 for availability in most of the world, but removed it from app stores in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan,”

Chris said, “I totally understand why we’re blocked in mainland China. We’re clearly disrupting the Communist Party’s harmonious propaganda. But Hong Kong and Taiwan are not supposed to be under Chinese law.”

He continued, “Is Apple so scared of the Chinese Communist Party that it would censor China Uncensored in Hong Kong and Taiwan, just in case? Or is Apple just confused about which places belong to China and this was all an accident?”

As the program is very critical of the Chinese Communist Party, it has raised a lot of controversy and criticism.