When I heard the cry of “foreign interference” or “meddling” from the very mouths of the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Russian, the Iranian, the European… I told myself “yeah, just another pot calling the kettle black”, and they do deserve to be interfered with, by the way! I’ll explain this “deservedness” later. But when the whole of USA, not just the political “elites”, jumped up and down pointing its finger at the Russia and crying of being victim of “foreign Interference/meddling”, it’s no longer the case of the pot calling the kettle black. It’s the Jews calling a petty thief evil! For the USA is not only the worst interferer of all but also a willing recipient of being interfered by the Jews.

Anyway, why the fuss? Since “Interference” is a function of power, I am not sure which part in the “foreign interference” are people upset with? The “foreign” part or the “interference”?

You see within a family, the parents always interfere with their children affairs until the children react and challenge the interference and demand that it must be stopped. Within a statist society, the state, its government the so-called authority always interferes with almost every aspect of people life. That’s the state”raison d’être” if you do understand what it truly is:

In essence, the state is ruling apparatus created from the human society. When such a group of people appears, one which is only concerned with ruling over others, and which for that purpose needs a coercion apparatus which can force people to obey by means of jails, special units, armed forces, etc, – that is the moment when the state appears” (Lenin, collective works, vol 39, page 69)

So, “interference” is a manifestation of power, and it’s from and by “foreign” by nature!

If you are a good history student you would never be surprised at “foreign interference/meddling” at all! That’s why and how we have imperialism, colonialism, and “international relations”!

“International relations”, in essence, or in a nutshell if you like, is a study (and/or exercise) of methods of foreign interference and the methods of resistance to it by nation states to one another.

Foreign meddling/interference, though often successfully achieved by exploiting the errors, weakness, and the stupidity of the “victims,” is a very expensive operation and very risky and indeed very dangerous for weak players to venture . That’s why weak nation states often swallow their “pride” to play along, and only cry out when “nationalism” is needed domestically to promote , maintain, and legitimize local state power , and as obviously it’s a cheapest method of resistance! So what’s really going on when the most powerful nation state, a current only empire, and the mother of all interferers is crying hysterically (well, some even frantically) of being “interfered and meddled” by a weaker and a cowardly nation state, the Russia?

Russia/ Putin would not waste its limited energy and scarce resources to such and expensive and futile operation on an empire that has already been meddled/ controlled by the same Jewish controlled Cabal, who are meddling in Russia itself! So, it’s obvious that this “Russian interference” crying is just a an act of playing nationalism on the gullible and dumbshit Americans by the Jews as an distraction from their own interference/meddling to push the USA into another war with youknowwhere for them! After all, these Talmudic creatures love blood-sacrifice, they have been proven themselves truly holocaust creator thorough out history! (if you are in doubt, read these: A Holocaust of Biblical Proportions and American Pravda: Understanding World War II ). One also needs to wonder why Russia/Putin has kept its mouth shut about being interfered/meddled by the Yanks and the Jews?

What about the “reservedness?” Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, China (Hong Kong) etc… Do they “deserve” such brazen meddling? Of course they do! As I said earlier that foreign meddling/interference often successfully achieved by exploiting the errors, weakness, and stupidity of the “victims”. Venezuela, Iran, are oil-rich nations, but underdeveloped, and people are poor and suffering from high price of basic foods and even gas (fuels)! Bolivia, a resource rich country is at the same problem! Why? Because governments of these countries have restricted their people’s economic freedom. Such stupidity opens for rebellion and invites “foreign interference”. However at least the Venezuelan, Iranian statists know how to play power of the guns, they gain control of the military, for now. Whereas, Bolivian Evo Morales is so naive not to/ or unable to control the military! While Cuba, so far, has been successfully in resistance to the USA meddling by having well played in both control of the army and giving its people a certain degree of economic freedom.

What about China- Hong Kong? Hong Kongers have been enjoyed a much higher economic freedom than that of many even western counter parts. So why have these Hong Kongers sided with the “foreign meddlers”?

Unless you have experienced with the communists, especially the Asian ones, you cannot fathom the reason why the Hong Kongers have behaved so “strangely” if not “irrationally” according to the Westerners’ mindset! To me, as a person who can draw a whole neuron-system of a communist, what the Hong Kongers have done so far it’s not strange or irrationally at all! You, a person without communist experience, cannot see and feel the Chinese commie iron hands already on your throat! But the Hongkongers do face with such dark reality as every single day passes by. That’s why despite all the “bad images” and bad press, those “violent,” “irresponsible”, “irrational” Hong Konger “trouble makers” have even won the recent election with large margin, if not landslide victory!

So? What does it mean? Obviously, it’s not the foreign meddling that matters, but the domestic, local people meddling with the arrogance, irrationality, and stupidity of Chinese Communist Party!

By the way, with my own experience, I very much suspect all the extreme violent acts have been “played” by the mainland communists agents living in Hong Kong.

The point is, with or without the “foreign meddling”, though not a majority, but a large portion of the population of Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran would vent their legitimate anger and resentment anyway.

With or without the “foreign meddling”, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Tibetans, Uyghur (Hui people) will never want to be part of the current Commie China for a very good and legitimate ground.

It’s not only frustrating but also funny how the brain of human works when an American who condemns the Hong Kongers, is asked if Americans want to be back part of the UK!

After all, their “beloved and proud” USA was created nearly two hundred fifty years ago by a bunch of English treasonous rebels and rioters, or even terrorists, who just wanted to live differently and separately from their fucking father-mother land for better or worse! Well it came out much better than the UK, their father-mother land! By the way, someone, please tell me who said such “violent”, “irrational”, “irresponsible”, “dangerous”, and “treasonous” thing below:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

I “really” don’t know who said such “stupid and dangerous” idea, but I do know that such persons must be truly intelligent and brave kind of admirable smart-ass!

Therefore, don’t make a fuss about “interference” or “meddling” as long as you accept the power game of the statist system. And drop the word “foreign” since it’s so obvious that one cannot interfere or meddle with and by oneself. For if so, it’s called self-determination! Stupid!

Last but not least, for those who are Americans and Europeans, if you don’t like interference, you must not only stop interference with others but also stop letting the Jews meddling in yours! Otherwise, don’t cry when you go to die for the Jews in the next war they are orchestrating.

PhiQuyenChinh NKPTC