PQC: Oh my my! China has really been under attack on all fronts! It’s a sure thing that this has been orchestrated by the USA… But, as I already said and explained, it’s the poor Chinese Communists that have to blame on themselves. The ChiCom must ask themselves why the West is still so more attractive to Chinese citizens than their own “beloved mother/fatherland”, and why nationalism and patriotism cannot beat personal happiness, personal self- interests? That’s why Hong Kongers have employed a desperate measure for a desperate situation.

Anyway, whether this story is true or not, or just a piece of propaganda adding to the attacking wave on China (I myself doubt its authenticity since the OZ is just an American lapdog. And the timing of this “exposure” is very suspicious. To me this is a very “expensive” propaganda), this Chinese guy is really desperate. He put his life on the line for the benefit of his young family. Brave act! Well calculated! Well timing! He ought to be congratulated!