PQC: Folks, Computer generated “news” is not new at all. Fake news is one of the main function of the State! It’s, just like war and theft, a part of the statist nature.

In my humble guesstimation, since the explosion of bloggers of all kind in the internet, approximately half of the alternative media has been state-corporation funded. Their task is to spoil the water and to discredit genuine independent journalism in the net with their disinformation and over-the- top, far-fetched theories! The State and its corporations always have unlimited resources available (money, personnel etc…) to manipulate and exploit everything. They have even literally turned foods and medicines into their weapons against the people with the support of “the law”!

You see, I have warned people about Zerohedgians for years in this software generated news, and the so-called analyses things! Just ask yourself a basic question: How many “Tyler Durden” are there in that website? Can you spot which one is which?”

Since the end of Vietnam War, the State and its corporations have learnt the lesson. They did not even need the so-called “embedded reporters” any more than they need as windows dressing. And since the 911, independent war correspondents have not been allowed into their “sphere of operation,” who would produce such identical daily detailed “reports” for a bunch of MSM TV talking heads, not just the five-eyes countries, but across all Western media?

Do you remember this poor but brave journalist? He died of “heart attack” some years after his self-exposé!

Anyway, it’s all up to you, the readers, to analyze and decide the news for yourselves!