PQC: Setting aside the theological and religious importance, from a pure historical perspective with proof and archaeological evidences, I would like you, especially if you happen to be true christians (open heart and mind), to consider the findings of these intellectual women. Please watch and listen to their argument carefully and fairly. We all know that what we have learnt called “official history” is full of holes but all have been unchallenged.

In this century, with many breakthroughs in technology, especially in archaeology and academic freedom, every “history” has been challenged and corrected, even the most forbidden history of all that has been well protected by corrupt Western legal system and corruptive Western Jewish political power, the Holocaust, has been corrected as hoax by all freethinkers and honest historians!

So, please find time and watch these documentaries and decide for yourself.

Secret History 2018 Jesus Female Disciples

My Soul Glorifies the Lord: Jesus’ female disciples – Helen Bond and Joan Taylor (2018)