PQC: Folks, Do you know that this circle of life will end one day? Do You? At least you do know that your life will end soon no matter what you try not to think of it.

As I often remind myself and everyone that we all did not choose to be born, and not even by whom. Nobody chose their parents, sisters and brothers… much less the so-called culture, country, and race! So why the hell have we gone to war after war to kill and be killed? For what? and for whom? Is it killing a meaning of life? Oh yeah! I know, I know: your belief! The fucking life hereafter with some fucking gods… The fucking “God” that stupidly blesses every nation before going to war with one another!

Don’t worry folks! Everyone of us is going to find out very soon that if it really truly exists such a hereafter! So why the fuss? Human kind is such a stupid creature! The most stupid one!

Yet, human thinks it is the smartest. Not because it is on the top of the food chain, but because it knows how to deceive itself, it knows how to destroy itself very quick in large number! It knows how to enslave itself systematically with its own unique creations: God and Nation!