PQC: Folks, I really don’t want to torture your eyes and ears, but I need to show you these clips of the criminal-lying-clown-of-the -whore-house to prove that the people who are living in the USA have truly become Stepford Wives, who will swallow any shit, every shit that fed to them!

However, please, don’t laugh at the Yanks. For everywhere in this planet, in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, all of which have been under kakistocracy , ruled by clowns, liars, criminals, psychopaths. These are the worsts of the worsts.

It’s truly amazing to know how the people could live with such shit at all!

Yeah! It’s true to say People Think Their Shit Don’t Stink!

By the way, kakós, root *kakka- (“to defecate”) kakka is poop. Thus ruled by shit.