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Do Democrats own the word “Lynching”?

And did President Trump, who labeled his impeachment inquiry “a lynching?” properly use the term or did he violate another social norm? By Ed Mattson – November 4, 2019 1082 6 Share

EDITORIAL NOTE AND COUNTERPOINT:  Today’s Democratic Party is NOT the historical party of the 1800s and very early 20th Century the author references in this article.  Same with today’s Republican Party.  The parties switched places in the 1950s vis-a-vie the Southern Strategy deployed by Republicans.

The Southern Strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans.

As the civil rights movement and dismantling of Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 1960s visibly deepened existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, Republican politicians such as presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater developed strategies that successfully contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the South who had traditionally supported the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. It also helped to push the Republican Party much more to the right while the Democratic Party became the party of civil rights. And this is how we got here in 2019 with the Republican Party and Trump now using the word “lynching” in their political rhetoric.

Importantly, while the article below has historical factual correctness, it does NOT inform readers of the change in party values over time giving the impression that today’s Democratic Party has the same values of its historical yesteryear party thus possibly giving the reader the impression that those values exist today. They do not!

Nevertheless, VT allows the author’s article to be published in the spirit of a free press.  We do NOT censor our authors.  We want readers to be knowledgable so they can make hay of it themselves for we believe in a free and open press with an informed educated electorate.  Signed, John Allen, GM, VT

Democrats own the Word “Lynching”!

by Ed Mattson

Every Lefty had a complete hissy fit over President Trump referring to the bogus, one-sided Democrat, closed-door, star chamber hearing that is being carried out in the secure basement SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) as a LYNCHING. One would have thought the sky was falling.

When it comes to hypocrisy, the Left has no equal. Imagine leftist-loonies being upset at the president using the word lynching. It is a word that the Democrats own, lock, stock, and barrel, paid for by the blood of the African-Americans the Ku Klux Klan members extracted beginning in 1863, following the Emancipation Proclamation. Even with the deaths of more than 600,000 soldiers who perished in the Civil War to eliminate slavery and insure equal rights to all, the Democrat Party army, the KKK, would simply not accept the fact that the South and its slavery policies were defeated on the field of battle.

Like all cowards, the use of intimidation by The Klan of not only Blacks but also white sympathizers took the lives of thousands who were left hanging from trees and poles for exercising their God-given right to freedom of speech. Perhaps this is why the Democrats and their Media cohorts are so upset by Trump’s use of the word lynching . . . because they believe they OWN that word and have been damn proud of it until the mid1960’s when many African –Americans began to see how the Democrats had mysteriously convinced Black America that the Democrats cared about them.

It was the Republicans who fought for equal rights throughout the Sixties, died by the thousands during the Civil War, and condemned the likes of racist Democrats like Alabama Governor George Wallace, Senator Robert, KKK, Byrd (D-WV), an outspoken segregationist Sen. William Fulbright (D-AR), that today should be looked at as the “real friends of the African-American community”.

But that isn’t what is happening in our public education “internment camp” schools where today our children are being taught just the opposite . . .  that the Democrat Party has always looked out for the Black community.  This, of course, has been supported by our crooked media which have been lying about “Trump Russian Collusion” starting just 19 minutes after he was sworn in as President. Their track record regarding the truth about President Trump’s accomplishment in just three short years is as disappointing as any editorial comment one might read in Izvestia or Pravda (Russian state-owned propaganda newspapers).

The media should be reporting the truth about the Democrat Party reminding the public that it  was these same segregationists who blockaded the entrance to white schools in the South forbidding Black children from entering during the turbulent Sixties;  that it was the Democrats who unleashed the attack dogs on Black protestors, used high pressure water hoses on protest marchers, and even supported the lawless Ku Klux Klan and their rampage of Black lynchings, cross burnings, intimidation, rigged elections, and even murder. But to those on the left, the truth doesn’t matter. It’s their agenda that counts, the rest of the country be damned.

A little history lesson is in order about now. The first known account of execution by using a rope in what was called a hanging was in Homer’s Odyssey (Book XXII):

‘Telemachus and I will keep the noble Suitors in the hall,’ resourceful Odysseus replied, ‘however fiercely they fight, while you two tie Melanthius’ arms and legs behind his back, and throw him into the storeroom, then strap him to a board, fasten him to a coil of rope and hoist him up by a roof-beam to the top of a tall pillar, and let him hang there a while in torment.’

From that point history evolves using the rope as a means of carrying out capital punishment, and in January 1692, such punishment moved to The New World of America when a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, became consumed by disturbing “fits” accompanied by seizures, violent contortions and bloodcurdling screams. A doctor diagnosed the children as being victims of black magic, and over the next several months, allegations of witchcraft spread like a virus through the small Puritan settlement. Twenty people were eventually executed as witches, but contrary to popular belief, none of the condemned was burned at the stake. In accordance with English law, 19 of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials were instead taken to the infamous Gallows Hill to die by hanging.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., in countries on the continent of Europe the traditional method of death by rope involved “suspending the victim from a gallows or crossbeam until he or she has died of asphyxiation. Elsewhere, the condemned person stands on a trapdoor, and when the trap is released he or she falls several feet until stopped by the rope tied around his neck. The jerk breaks the cervical vertebrae and is thought to cause immediate loss of consciousness. A knot or metal eyelet (the hangman’s knot) in the noose helps jerk back the victim’s head sharply enough to break the neck”.

Yes, there has been a long history of hanging. Hanging was one of the modes of execution under ancient Roman law, and adopted by Anglo-Saxons from their German ancestors. Public hangings became the prescribed method of punishment in the form of public execution for homicides in England by the 12th century and eventually came to surpass all other forms of capital punishment for felony convictions until England discontinued public executions in 1868. Hangings were then removed from public view and conducted in the prisons. In 1965 capital punishment was discontinued in Great Britain altogether. Following the end of WWII, Japanese and German war criminals were sentenced to die by hanging

It wasn’t just we “blood-thirsty English speaking people” bent on revenge who used the hangman’s rope to dole out justice. The popularity of hanging became the standard mode of execution throughout the British Empire and wherever else the Anglo-American common law was adopted. But it was also widely used in Russia, Austria, Hungary, and Japan. Hanging was also the preeminent means of execution in the United States until the mid-20th century.

As sophisticated as we American pretend to be, today we find the politically correct crowd cannot even use the verb to hang; God forbid we even think about using the vernacular of hanging by uttering the word lynching . . . so sinful, only to be used by Democrats!

So what’s the difference between hanging and lynching? A lynching is an unlawful murder by an angry mob of people. Throughout history, dominant groups have used lynchings as a way of controlling minorities. This is probably more easily recognized by those of us who have been around for several decades, with lynching being widely carried out to punish outlaws (cattle rustling, bank robbery, and horse thieves) made famous in the western movie genre of the white hat vs. black hat cowboys.

The old cliché “Get a rope and find a tree” was commonly heard on the old western frontier, when it was just too much bother to allow a criminal his legal rights to a trial and judgement by his peers. When people took the law into their own hands and decided to punish a suspected criminal — or merely a person who just needed to be dead. In short, a lynching is an unlawful murder by an angry mob of people. Throughout history, dominant groups have used lynchings as a way of controlling minorities.

The difference between hanging and lynching can probably be better explained by understanding the difference between a democracy and a republic. Amazingly Democrats love to talk about how they believe in democracy . . . majority rule.

That’s not what we have in the United States. We have a REPUBLIC, which protects the rights of minorities, which is why Democrats traditionally try to circumvent our U.S. Constitution and ignore the guaranties in the Bill of Rights (particularly the first, second, fourth and fifth amendments). They only want to discuss the Constitution when they have something to gain from it. Other than that, the Democrats would just as well do without those “stupid protections afforded to the citizens”.

Under their idea, democracy would allow majority rule. That’s what they are always clamoring for.  That would mean if they took a vote and 51% of the vote count wanted to do away with people with handicaps, or left-hand people, they would simply line ‘em up and march them off to the guillotine and do away with them. There would be no representation of minority rights. That’s the way it works in a democracy. Okay for them but no so okay if you find yourself in a minority situation. You could become history in very short order!

Modern-day lynchings became evident to most Americans in the decades following the Emancipation Proclamation especially during the period of racially motivated hate rampages of the Ku Klux Klan which was the outlaw army and enforcers of the Democrat Party in the American South. The word lynching and its related verb, lynch, come from Captain William Lynch, who took control of imposing and policing order in Virginia during the Revolutionary War. So the KKK thought it was very apropos to adopt lynchings as a way to enforce their reign of terror over Blacks and their white sympathizers.

What our country is witnessing since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, has been a concerted effort by the Democrats and their co-conspirators, the mainstream media, is an unlawful and seditious act to overthrow the U.S. government. President Trump rightly labeled this whole spectacle as “A LYNCHING”. These fools have even acknowledged they cannot defeat President Trump at the ballot box, so their only alternative is to frame him for crimes and use impeachment to get rid of him.

With the Democrats holding a majority in the House of Representatives we now have a classic example of mob-rule mentality. For three years they have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. They have used lies, foreign influence, bribery, extortion, threats, tampering with evidence, coercion, and witness intimidation to build a case of wrongdoing that would warrant impeachment.

To any real American with a pair of eyes, this whole affair is a fraud. To continue with this charade and squandering any more time by our so-called legislators who have already wasted three year’s salaries sitting on their asses watching the sham play out, should be enough reason to arrest them all and try them on grounds of sedition.