When it comes to Government and Court law and order, one would only see the wastefulness, absurdity, stupidity, and cruelty.

In Australia, the “law” forces you to exercise your “right”, If you refuse to excessive your “right”, you will be punished! Government and politicians force you to legitimize them. You have no way to boycott an election in which you do not like/ do not agree with any candidate at all! Thus, no matter how stupid and bad they are, the “participation rate” is always 99%. Therefore, by statistics, the Government always has the “people mandate.” Yeah! voting is human right bla bla bla! Anyway I digress.

Recently, I discussed about Government banning and blocking order against several websites such as thepiratebay.org, allyoulike.com etc.. only to encourage more people to use Tor Browser to bypass these “banning and blocking orders”.

Now THEY have stealthily ordered IPS to squeeze out RT.

For months, every time I go to RT I have to use Tor Browser. Because if I go to RT in a normal way with other browsers, it would be so slow and lagging, and sometimes, the videos would be interrupted and stopped after some minutes or even some seconds! Whereas with Tor Browser the pages and videos would play normally! I tested this many times with Tor Browser and Firefox side by side! Tor works well without a hitch!

Even WordPress! Can you imagine how low THEY are! For some months now, the WordPress page would take more time to fully loaded. But more than often the edit page hardly fully loaded at all! However, with Tor I have no problem!

I don’t know if this “policy” has been applied generally or just THEY just target certain individuals of interest such as this anti-Jews your truly!

As I said Tor cannot be trusted but is still useful!