PQC: Sorry folks! I forgot my comment on James Corbett “What QE4 Means For You!”

Yeah! Buying gold? have people actually bought and kept PHYSICAL GOLD or just a piece of paper called “gold certificate”? Does anyone still remember “Executive Order 6102″? Have you ever actually seen the gold that Governments or Banks store? Or people just take their words for it? Does anyone recall this “news”?

1-Gold crisis as banks find $50m fake bars

2-Exclusive: Fake-branded bars slip dirty gold into world markets

That was a psy-op though- (yeah! see, we do have gold) but still that is just a tip of iceberg about “how much gold THEY really HAVE, or as a matter of fact they really NEED”. We would never know! However, I can tell you now, THEY DON’T NEED GOLD AT ALL as Abraham Lincoln and Adolph Hitler never did but successfully created promise paper as money! IOU! Dick Nixon and his Jewish International Banksters just dropped their masks in 1971! Nothing new at all! And the fiat papers without gold have worked pretty well for them , not for you of course, so far!

Has anyone ever asked why a “medium of exchange” (money) has to be “pegged” to anything at all? If it really needed to be backed/pegged, then who would control “the pegging item” such as gold in this case? So, it’s exactly the same bullock and fraud with a more “golden” layer, that’s all! The whole system is based on promise, belief, and blind trust, and backed by brute force of the State/Government if all thing fail!

As I said in the previous article that since you cannot see the gold they stock except only their “words”, they literally can claim whatever amount. And you’d better believe it! And since physical gold just cannot be stored and be moved around easily to be effective “medium of exchange”, so they would print papers with numbers and photos of dead people on it to “represent” the gold they have! (or do not have). Just like when you decide to buy gold, all you get is “gold certificate”. It’s all just a “promise” to you.

That’s why Abraham Lincoln did not need Gold/Silver or anything at all in order to issue the “Greenback” to fund his civil war. The “Greenback” was BACKED by the capacity and ability of the American people to produce GOODS and SERVICES . And later, Adolph Hitler understood this “secret principle” and successfully did the same thing not only to save Germany from the “gold backed” Jewish money international banksters but accelerate Germany up to a strongest economy and enrich the German society in a very short time! All Hitler needed was the CAPACITY and ABILITY of German people to produce quality goods and services!

Do you now know and understand why and where Abraham Lincoln and Adolph Hitler succeeded but other like China Mao Tse Dong, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe failed economically?

Furthermore, the fact and the truth is that THEY claimed that their “money” was backed by Gold, but actually EVERYONE of THEM always printed more papers / certificates than the “gold” they actually had if they did have at all! That’s why the world always had had inflation, and financial and economic crisis after crisis, even before the smart-ass Dick Nixon decided to stop pretending “gold backing system” (Bretton Woods system) and dropped the “pretentious” gold out of the back of the Greenback. Since then, EVERYONE around the world has followed that trick til this very day!

Their TEXTBOOK states that A SOUND MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE /MONEY must have the fungibility, durability, divisibility, portability, acceptability, uniformity, and most importantly the scarcity! You see folks, how “scarce” their “money” has ever been! With their power of the State and their modern printing press…Their “money” has been, with or without gold-backing, so “scarce” that inflation just get worse all the time! And that’s exactly how their “money” has maintained its “value” over time as well! Yeah! So much for a “store of value”!

Anyway, I have a question for anyone of you, who prefer to think for yourself:

Do Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (or any public block-chain crypto) possess all the properties that a medium of exchange must have? Especially its scarcity!

Last but not least, in fact this is the ultimate fact you must know and remember that the VALUE OF -MONEY derives from the GOODS and SERVICES THAT PEOPLE CAN PRODUCE, and that such MONEY will be accepted as the medium of exchange as long as people recognize its value and agree to use it to exchange/obtain such goods and services. That’s all we need in order to make anything our money since time immemorial!

That’s why you want to use the Chinese Yuan, the Japanese Yen, the USA Dollars etc rather than the Zimbabwe dollar or even the Laos Kip or the Vietnamese Dong. Not because of the Gold they have or don’t have, but the value of goods and services their paper money represents (or promises).

If you really want to understand and fathom the way THE GOVERNMENTS and BANKSTERS have cheated and deceived the whole world for so long, watch this:

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money