PQC: I never buy that the clown wrote a letter to the Turkish psychopath Erdoğan ! It’s fake. It’s purpose is to cause sensation, distraction.

Intel Drop: Erdogan and Pence agree to fake cease fire with nobody, who do they think they’re foolin’?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – October 17, 2019

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A few days ago, Russia, Syria and the Kurdish Defense Forces came to an agreement to cooperate against Turkey.  At a later date, Syria’s Kurds are to seek the best political deal they can get from Damascus.

The situation is this, Turkey is not doing so well on the battlefield, their fake army of mercenaries and criminals are being slaughtered by extremely well armed and well trained Kurds (thanks USA!) while American troops fled Northern Syria leaving behind radios, dirty laundry, house pets and their dignity and honor.

Two weeks into the fight, after telling the US that Pence can go to hell, Erdogan and Pence agree to allow the Kurds (and Syrian Arab Army) to withdraw so Turkey can move out its wounded, bury it’s dead and tow away 3 dozen burned out hulks that used to be German built Leopard tanks destroyed by latest version American TOW missiles which the Kurds have by the thousands.

Where is Turkey’s air force?  Well, with Syria moving forward, BUK2 and Pantsir S1 units are deploying with the Syrian Arab Army with some forward deployment of longer range S300 systems.

This, of course, leaves Damascus vulnerable to Israeli attack were it not for an agreement between Russia and Israel which is being tested as we speak.

Where the farce is can be explained easily.  The US ran away and now has no “standing” as the US has no troops in the field.  Syria has control of US areas and Russians have moved forward to the line of contact in several areas containing Turkish advance where other forces are not yet deployed.

In the last 72 hours, Syria now controls 20% more territory than before, the kind of “big win” only seen with Hitler’s blitzkrieg.  Syria has its oil back, much of it, its water supplies and its agricultural centers, all lost to American and Kurdish control.

Syria may not be stronger today but a Syrian army backed by Kurds with a load is stronger still.

Cover for Syrian Army movements against Turkey are Iranian forces.

This is where things get difficult.  Iran is close to Turkey, a major economic partner.

Russia is close to Turkey, a major economic partner.

Then we have the agreement itself, between the US, who has nobody left on the ground, and Turkey, who isn’t doing so well, a nation whose currency is worthless and whose economy, even without Donald Trump, is in freefall.

Pence has agreed to award much of Northern Syria to Turkey, setting up a save zone guaranteed by US troops that no longer exist and in consultation with no one actively fighting on the field.

Erdogan says he is willing to let the Kurds withdraw while Kurds are doing quite the opposite, moving forward to confront Turkey, aided by the Syrian Army which has an air force and extremely powerful mobile air defenses as well.

OK, in a day, two days, Erdogan will meet with Putin and all this will be straightened out, or everyone hopes. Yet, Russia’s fake “zio-press,’ and we mean RT and Sputnik, are spinning this as a great victory by Turkey against Russian backed Syria?

What we do know is that Putin and Lavrov will never allow a Turkish “safe zone” guaranteed by non-existent US forces inside Syria,  It will NEVER happen. The Erdogan-Pence Treaty of 2019 will go down in history with the invention of brown toilet paper.

Syria: the false Erdogan’s cease-fire and the Pence’s lies that forget Christians killed

By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio – October 17, 2019

The Kurdish military Sdf accept truce
with Turkey’s withdrawal only.
The Us peace-mission pretends
a big safe-zone stolen from Rojava

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

Good news comes from Syria but it’s just another lie. The extremist Islamic dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted to make sense of the journey of the American vice president Mike Pence and agreed to a 120-hour truce.

First of all it must be said that he did it out of fear. The resistance of the Kurdish SDF militias in the easiest of goals, the city of Rais Al Ain, not far from the Turkish border, was stronger than expected.

And according to Kurdish sources the Ankara army would have used white phosphorus ammunitions, which burn the skin with lethal burns on anyone who comes into contact with dust, to terrorize enemies and above all the population that is crying at least fifty deaths.

But Erdogan’s cease-fire so far in Syria has only been a strategic solution to give advantage to his allied bastards: the al-Qaeda jihadists who are now reinforced by surviving ISIS commanders as mentioned in various Gospa News reports.


Not only. The aviation of Russia and Syria took control of the airspace over Rojava, the Syrian North East region, thus preventing Turkish jets from covering the advance of the armed forces.

The first truce signed by Ankara with Russia and Iran dates back to 17 September 2018 for the province of Idlib. It was never respected. Because the jihadists of various groups, friends and financed by Turkey, have continued to attack and bomb and the Ankara government that, according to the agreements, was supposed to bring out terrorist Islamic extremists from Syria never did.

We arrive today when the US president Donald Trump collects a total rejection from the Chamber of Congress for having withdrawn the Marines from the border between Turkey and Syria, thus opening the door for the Turkish invasion of the Peace Spring operation.


The Pence mission in Ankara makes people who understand a minimum of geopolitics laugh. It seems a diplomatic attempt for cleaning his soul forward many Christians murdered.

“The United States will work alongside Turkey, and with nations around the world to ensure that peace and stability are the order of the day in this safe area on the border between Syria and Turkey,” stressed Pence, who also illustrated some details: Turkey – he explained – will obtain a security zone agreed with the US about 32 kilometers beyond its Syrian border.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu then clarified that the agreement with the USA constitutes a “pause” of the military operation “Source of peace”, which will turn into a definitive end of the offensive only if the Kurds withdraw entirely, as agreed.

“It is not a ceasefire – said Cavusoglu in statements broadcast live on al-Jazeera satellite TV – Turkey will be able to stop the operation only when all the terrorist elements have left the area along the border between Syria and Turkey”.

In practice, the Kurds should allow the 32 km for 460 km long, equal to 13,800 kmq of Syrian territory larger than the entire Lebanon, due to a unilateral diplomatic decision. They should give what they are risking their lives for.

And the government of Damascus should accept all this. It is clear that this is the umpteenth provocation to tell the world that the US and Turkey are the good ones and that the Kurds, now allies of Syria and Russia, are the villains. A lie that only a moron can believe…

Infact, the Bashar Al Assad’s spokeswoman has already told Sputnik International that Syria is neither willing to grant the territory of Rojava to the Autonomous Administration of the Kurds nor to Turkey.


Infact, Mazlu Abdi, SDF commander, replies that Kurdish accept the cease-fire «but not that Turkey remains in the region. They don’t accept an occupation or demographic change» according to Rojava Information Center news (10 pm GMT + 1).

Specifying well in a public statement that the truce, to protect civilians and avoid new displaced persons, refers only to the combat zones.

Pence takes the lead and tells the world media that “The withdrawal of Kurdish Ypg militias from the border with Turkey has begun”. But no Kurdish source, beginning with the Rojava Information Center (RIC), confirms the news.

Indeed at 8.27 pm today (GMT +1) the Ric confirms that fighting continues between the Turkish army and SDF soldiers in Sere Kanye, a place where the Ankara armed forces also bombed Red Crescent ambulances while they were helping the wounded.

Erdogan’s dirty double game is always the same: he reaches international agreements as for Idlib with Russia, and today with the US for Rojava, then he waits for his jihadist terrorist friends to launch rockets and grenades on soldiers and civilians, he waits that the Syrian army react to defend itself and therefore feels authorized to resume military operations.


Dozens and dozens of times have happened to Idlib. I think it will happen again in Rojava with the approval of Pence, who despite being a Protestant politician does not seem to have even spent a word on the Christian children killed by the Erdogan bombs in Qashimli.

SARA, BAMBINA MARTIRE IN SIRIA. Cristiani tra due fuochi. Rojava senz’acqua. Autobomba Isis

Pure hypocrisy to erase Trump’s shame that he even managed to declare that the Kurds are worse than ISIS. For the USA and CIA, after all, it is true: Al Baghdadi and its Islamic State are their creatures quite controllable. The Kurds no. They are a people that for decades has been looking for a land where they can live peacefully and was used by Washington for its shady business in Syria looking for Middle East dominance and oil stealing.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio