PQC: “Gold: The trust anchor for the financial system” My ass! The crooks always say it. And only people with nothing between the eyes would believe it.

The whole Statist system is fraudulent , so is the so-called Gold system. As long as THEY can issue a piece of toilet paper a.k.a certificate to prove “the gold” they “have”… that’s called “blind trust”. Since then, even “gold” has been suffered from “inflation” just like any fiat paper has. And it’s so-called “intrinsic value” has also dwindled over time. I did write about this in this blog. I don’t want to repeat myself.

Anyway you should do a search to answer this simple question:

How much could an ounce of gold buy 100 years ago? Or just say ten years ago? And how much can an ounce of gold buy right now, today?

Actually, if your brain is till functioning without being infected with government and expertologist info, you can answer this simple question straight away without searching at all. Like fiat papers, gold purchasing power has been dwindling as every day passes! By now you must have known the reason why, have you?

So what’s the difference? That’s why and how the smart-ass Dick Nixon and his Jewish bansters just dumped it on 15 August 1971. Money does not need to be backed by gold. Since then, printing, printing, and printing- Quantitative Easing- QE after QE ; destroying, destroying, and destroying -Quantitative tightening- QT after QT. All at will!!!. This has worked great for THEM, but not for you of course! “We, the people” have been screwed up everywhere!

Nonetheless, since then, no one had ever mentioned gold or even “the need of being backed by gold” despite crisis after crisis…even the 2008 crisis, until the Bitcoin was born!

Since 2009, the Bitcoin has surpassed not only every single fiat but also gold and even diamond! The Bitcoin is not backed by anything but “trust” in its mathematical integrity, independence, and the freedoms it offers among its users! Bitcoin has worked beautifully for everyone… except governments and banksters! Yeah, all of the sudden, THEY all have been chanting “money need to be backed by gold

If you still believe them! Yeah! THEY say they have kept such and such tons of gold! How do you know if it’s true? Oh, you just “trust” THEM!

Yeah right! Trust them again! Good luck people! FOOL ME TWICE!