PQC: It’s a GREAT NEWS that I have been waiting for years.: Governments are ready to put direct regulations and ban on Crypto currency! As I wrote quite some time ago that I challenged the Government to BAN cryptos. As a matter of fact, the reason I wanted to see the Government BAN on cryptos is that the BAN will test the true strength of the Public cryptos, especially the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which are PUBLIC MONEY on PUBLIC BLOCKCHAINS.

This showdown is needed to prove, once and for all, not only which force, the State or the market, is supreme, but also to prove how strong the love of the people for economic and political freedom really is. My prediction (also my wish) is the public cryptos (i.e Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) will prevail. Simply because they are PUBLIC, which means they are not and cannot and will not be controlled by Government, private company, or anyone. Public Cryptos and Public blockchains are free as in free speech.

People around the world DO NOT NEED PERMISSION from any government or REGISTRATION to any institution to use public cryptos (Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash.) And no one, no government, no institution can FREEZE a public crypto wallet. People can use public cryptos such as Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash anywhere at anytime they choose without border.

The question is how many people do know, understand, appreciate, and cherish that greatest property of Public Crypto such as Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash? Public Crytos will only fail if and only if the people themselves, the users fail to understand that the price of the public crypto is their own liberty, privacy, their very basic human rights, not just material wealth.

After all, “Satoshi Nakamoto” (中本哲史) –zhōng běn zhé shǐ or Trung Bản Triết Sử  in Vietnamese, mean the “Central (fundamental)  root of wisdom in History”.  Or more precisely, if one prefers “the main root of bright history”.  

Public cryptos cannot be controlled, but if the people let them die, Liberty will die.