A Tiny Note on Tor Browser and Tutanota.com

Folks, did I admit that I am a “paranoid butthole?

Having heard so much contradictory pros and cons about Tor Browser and Tutanota, both of which I have used for quite some time now, I decided to put them on a serious test. Of course, it’s my way of testing which is no “expert” at all, but from a paranoid user’s perspective!

Thus, for the last two weeks or so, I have put the Tor Browser and Tutanota.com, both of which claim champion for respecting privacy, free speech, to the test. You see, a “paranoid butt-hole” like me always has special litmus tools for almost everything!

For the last two week I used Tor browser to sign up with Tutanota.com and used this new email account for buying and testing Cryptos trading sites. Then some days later, on purpose, I cancelled the tutanota account. Of course, they would ask “WHY”. My given reason was “the name is misspelled” so it is to be cancelled in order to sign-up a new correct name, since tutanota allows only one free account per person- or per IP. ( I am not sure how it would work if several people live in the same house and use the same IP to sign up).

Anyway, as advised by all “”online experts”,” some days later, I then used Tor in Linux (Ubuntu) to sign up again for a new tutanota account. Then the “”magic”” happened: tutanota block my IP with this pop-up instruction ““Registration is temporarily blocked for your IP address to avoid abuse. Please try again later or use a different internet connection” with which I did “comply” many times over for two days to no avail!

First I used Tor browser in different PC and even changed “”New Identity”” many times, choosing several different email names. The purpose is to check if tutanota recorded both my IP and my machine MAC number. Tutanota still RECGNIZED MY “IP despite having used different PC and changed different “IP identities” in Tor ”, and kept blocking my registration. Obviously TOR cannot hide my IP at all!

I then went to “reddit search” to see if anyone has the same “problem:.. Yes, there are some :
1- https://www.reddit.com/r/tutanota/comments/5tt29h/registration_is_temporarily_blocked_for_your_ip/
2- https://www.reddit.com/r/tutanota/comments/6d1nd7/tutanota_blocking_my_ip_address/
3- https://tutanota.uservoice.com/forums/237921-general/suggestions/17953534-ip-address-is-blocked-while-trying-to-create-an-ac

The next day, I went to my local library to use a PC there to sign up Tutanota with my two preferred email names.. They are all blocked! This means Tutanota RECORDED and blocked both my IP and my preferred email-names! I then impromptu came up with my third favorite name.. Bingo! Tutanota assumed that this new email-name is a new person, and allowed me to sign up .. successfully!

Folks, as far as my testing RESULT is concerned. Tor Browser EITHER cannot or does not hide your IP. Whether it’s because Tutanota has special NSA technique to break Tor is indeed another serious issue! So much for “respecting people privacy, anonymity, and free speech” .

You see folks, I broke no Tutanota’s rule at all. As a matter of fact, I have been very honest with Tutanota.com about my cancellation, and always used only ONE FREE ACCOUNT as stated per agreement!

So, folks, you can use my test findings and from here to work out much more than I have said in this “tiny note” about Tor and Tutanota. Of course, you would not expect that every word they declare is true, would you?

I myself suspect them more than what I have said here. But I don’t want to confuse you ordinary folks with complex and complicated things such as interlocking-behind-the-scene that I have smelt from them. I need “concrete evidences” to present rather than just “logical conclusion”

Nevertheless, Tor and Tutanota are still useful in other aspects such as by-passing website ban. For example, the Arse emd of the world’s psychopaths a.k.a government and its high court have banned Bichute.com, the pirate-bay, and many other Kopymist sites:

Content Denied

Access to this website has been disabled by an order of the Federal Court of Australia because it infringes or facilitates the infringement of copyright.

1800 086 346 for information.

I use Tor to by-pass this moronic ban successfully. And use Tutanota to avoid ad-spams and moronic capchas that other webmails force upon you every time you sign in from “different locations”.

I am still monitoring Tor and Tutanota to see if they will come up with other tricks. I will inform you folks if I can find anything.

In the mean time, You DON’T NEED TO BE A PARANOID BUTTHOLE like me! So, do use them with caution. These two are still useful.