Folks, after all these years since 911, there have been many events that directly affect everyone’ life around the world. We have seen many “experts”, ex-vips, and intellectuals of all stripes appearing on screens to give their opinions and explanations about things happening around us. We also have had whistle blowing heroes who risked everything to tell us the truth about the lies and the crimes of governments. And most of people look up to these persons for advice and answers.

How do we know whether they are real deals or not? Or to be more polite and reasonable to them, how do we know if they really know beyond what they have been doing “for us”? Or to be frank, can they be trusted with other issues than what they have been known for? In essence, do they really have intellectual ability a.k.a critical thinking as they seem to have?

No body is perfect. One can know more than others, but no body knows everything! So I don’t bother with those above questions. For me the most important question I always ask is, are they really truth seekers,? Are they truly public defenders against government’s crimes, corruption, and deceits? And how do I know if they are?

Yes, all these questions may make you think I am paranoid butthole. Well, yes I am. Under this day and age of mass dragnet surveillance and deception, which have been conspired and orchestrated by governments and corporations around the world, then be my guest if you are not, but I know I am still not paranoid enough. By the way, do you remember what Mussolini explained about the “tight” co-operation between the State and corporations?

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
― Benito Mussolini The Doctrine of Fascism

That’s also the first fundamental lesson about “nationalism” for you, folks!

On the other hand, I do also know that for ordinary Joes and Janes, who have been squeezed, kneaded, and pushed to the edges with all sort of bills, taxes, children, while having not much of disposable income, have no time and energy left for such “luxury” questions. Of course, it’s not that the system is broken by some bad apples, but the system is designed this way by, as the late George Carlin would prefer to call, the true owners of the country, to make all Joes and Janes dizzy and exhausted with all the bills and fear, so that ordinary Joes and Janes would never have time and energy left to think and work out that how they have been screwed up all along, much less to question and challenge them at all.

Given such a situation, I devised for myself a set of litmus tool to test these “experts” and “heroes” if they are genuinely truth seekers and truly public defenders against government’s crimes. My litmus test is very simple with just all obvious things.

The first thing is the 911 building 7. I don’t need to argue or explain all the “sophistication” and “complication” of the collapse of the Twin Tower. Just the building 7. If an “expert or an “intellectual” shrugs off this issue, or avoid to confront this with official lies and ridiculing those questions, this “expert” or “intellectual” is not worth a serious conversation.

The second test is the so-called “Taxpayer money”. The truth and the fact is THEY DO NOT NEED THEIR OWN PRINTED FIATS from PEOPLE . It’s so obvious that THEY can print (and literally destroy) as much “money” as they need, and whenever they want, be it’s called quantitative easing or whatever deceiving jargon they invented. Thus, Taxation is not only theft, robbery, but an effective tool to control people!

The “scarcity” of Government Money! Money is so scarce that Government must “tax: people back some money that Government had printed out and paid to the people!

Joes and Janes can be excused when they repeat this deceiving mantras “taxpayer money”, but an “expert,” an “intellectual” cannot fall into this rudimentary lie and fraud, unless they have neither intellectual ability, nor integrity, nor courage at all!

The third test is the “Jewish Question”. This is also so obvious, in the Western world, that the Jews have enjoyed special treatment and privileges that no one, not even the “native whites” are allowed to have! They have not only dominated but controlled all the major aspects of Western societies. The West’s governments work for them and protect them. You don’t need Philip Giraldi, Andrew Joyce , or even to go back to read Henry Ford’s “The International Jews” or any “right-wing” victims of the USS Liberty to tell you the “evidences”… you just need to read those ex-Jews such as Ron Unz , Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon etc.. or the best way is, if you do have courage and really want to know, just take a pause and open your eyes, your mind, and look at what’s going on in your own society in front of you.

If any “expert” and “Intellectual” tries to run away from this “Jewish Question” with the phrase like anti-Semite, antisemitism etc. Then forget this person. He/She is a fake with fear like every coward is!

Folks, do you know why the three issues above are so “sensitive” and “controversial”? Simply because they are so obvious! Therefore, the only way (and very defective) to hide the truth is to make people dare not talking or discussing about them. That’s why Gilad Atzmon is absolutely correct as he pointed out “Jewish power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish Power!” The same is true for the other two!

Anyway, before using those three issues to test anyone expert or intellectual, you should test yourselves with them first to see if you are out of the matrix yet!

PhiQuyenChinh NKPTC