PQC: Folks, today we all witness the true face of the so-called “capitalist democracy” of the West, especially the USA. If you cannot compete with your competitors, do whatever dirty trick you need to strike them down! Freedoms and the rule of law are applied only and only if with the rulers’ consent!

I don’t like communism. I despise government, any government. However, as I have commented many times that as long as statism goes, China has every right to do and to “achieve” as much and as many “things” as the West, the USA have done. There is no such thing as fair competition between nation-states, only the might is right! And in this century, the USA, the West are no longer the “absolute deciders”, who can dictate other nations what to do!

As far as statism is concerned, China has been a super power for thousand of years before the USA even existed. Communism has destroyed Russia and China.. Now they have adopted and adapted state capitalism from the West, and it seems that China has been beating the West, the USA at their own game!

If China plays it “right”, China will become the center of the world without the need to use its military might in war with the rest of the world. If not, China will be disintegrated. Internal conflicts cannot be suppressed with brute force forever. If China is not willing or cannot find a right solution for Tibet, Hong kong, Taiwan, then the West , the USA will exploit these hot spots to weaken China. But do not blame the West or the USA for this, for it’s China’s stupidity that created and has prolonged this problem, these “hot spots” at the first place!