PQC: I am asking a serious question here. Does any one of you really understand why these Honbgkongers are doing this?

Personally I do. As I have said many times I can wear their shoes in this issue.

Remember, in 1774, George Washington and his bunch of rioters were “traitors”, fatherland betrayers, who sided with the French, invited French soldiers into the battles to attacking motherland’s army and motherland patriots! After all, truth be told…those Washingtonide traitors, betrayers, British self-haters, who obviously committed highest treason against their own Government, their own mother-fatherland, their own race…And the worst thing was, unfortunately, these ancestor deniers and traitors won! They created the USA as we all know of today!

This is really desperate measure that Hongkongers have been employed. But in such desperate situation, in which the Chinese communist’ iron hands have been reaching their throats closer and closer as everyday passes, what can they do?

When I look at Tibet and Tibetan people. When I look at Palestine and Palestinians people. And most especially, whenever I look back at my own life and the Vietnam War, I know the true ugly face of the West’s politics!

Thus, I wish Hongkongers all the best and luck. That’s all I can do.