PQC: Folks, It “seems” that some “good things” a.k.a “rule of law” are taking place in the United States of Jews. I guess that THEY know people are suffering, and fear that the pitchforks would come for them..Thus, show “we, the people” some bandages…uh kind of lips services, and the mob would be voluntarily at bay and keep dreaming their “American dream”. Yeah as the late George Carlin did say “you must be sleeping to have it”

At any rate, You would not expect the criminals investigate themselves would you? Yeah think of Jefferey Epstein, folks!

Anyway, this RT correspondent, Michelle Greenstein seems to do a better job than Rick Sanchez, does she not? After all, as I said, there is an exclusive zone, where only Jews are allowed to say anything, everything about the Jews at all. To be fair, she, as a Jew, does has some advantage and privilege that Rick Sanchez doesn’t have!

As always, the last word is yours.