PQC: For fuck sake, these Jews don’t have to spy on the USA at all. They have already been not only inside the White house but also the whole USA system itself!

This crap “news” is not only fake but just part of the psyop to make the clown and the US Government look good in the eyes of all the sheeple as if he and the USA Government were indeed “independent” from the Jews!

Are These “Journalists” Stupid or Complicit? They are both, in my very humble opinion!

Do you know how many duel citizenship American Jews , who are not only working inside the USA’s political machine but are on the top positions? Not to mention how many of these dual citizenship American Jews who have been working inside the USA Intelligence community and Law enforcement agencies that you don’t know!

I just shake my head and sigh… a long long sigh… indeed! What the fuck has really happened to the American brain?

Look at these “American political leaders”! Do the Jews need to set up a silly spying tower on the streets of the USA at all?