I just hate myself for being forced to agree with you on these points


Man (we speak here generically, and thus we are referring to the collective of both men and women) suffers today from a lack of humility.  We see this quite often in man’s ongoing attempts to bludgeon nature and abuse natural (moral) laws with his newly found technological prowess.  But, might does not make right!  Our grandparents must be rolling over in their graves with what goes on every day in the world now.

Here is a brief litany of man’s current and ongoing abuses.  Man’s current technology now permits him to do things that he ought not do.  In his arrogance, man now makes and destroys human embryos (human beings at the earliest stage of physical development) in his fertility “clinics”.  This commodification of children is quite sad, and seems to me to be dehumanizing to both the product (the children so created), and to the producer (the…

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