The Toronto Hearings Report Now Available – AE911Truth

Yes, my dear friend around the world, 18 years have passed since the date 9-Sept-2001. I still remember vividly that day (10-11-2001 in Australia) on the morning I came to visit my old friend for a coffee and tea in Vietnamese style. As my friend, a conservative and right leaning old French educated person, stared at his TV screen while cursing the bloody “bọn Rệp”, a derogatory racist term for Arab Muslims by the Vietnamese … While I was, surprisingly, not surprised at all, but calmly told my old friend:

-“no, no, no, just look at the airplanes and the way they filmed them. It must be an inside job, brother

He turned around and looked at me angrily:

-“why have you, an educated man, always hated our ally, the USA, (he meant pre-1975 Vietnam War) but defended “bọn Rệp”

Well , you can guess what was the conversation on the coffee table that morning!

Some months later I collected all the “conspiracy theory” information (first from if my memory doesn’t betray me) and had them all printed out and distributed among friends and acquaintances … only to receive laugh and ridicule!

Since then 18 years have passed with not only just some “tin foiled head conspiracy theorists” but thousand of true experts, professors, engineers, architects, ex-pilots around the world such as Scholars for 9/11 Truth have come forward to expose the absurdities in the official story of 911… but to no avail! “The public” still stick with the MSM and government’ story!

Those who were born that day now have become adult, and the official 911 lies have become official history! Just like the Holocaust Hoax, the J.F.K execution, the USS Liberty…

911 has taught me that not only government is the root of all evil, mother of all crimes but also corporations. Their crimes and atrocities are beyond the comprehension of the sheeple. And to the sheple, government is the opium, which make them sicked, dependent but addicted to it! Those who refuse to let their intelligence be insulted by governments and corporations, will be marginalized, isolated, ridiculed, and economically and politically punished.