Rick Sanchez, are you still scared of the Jews, or are you secretly working for them now?

You are an investigative journalist, not a MSM owned, but a true one! Right? You’ve bragged about this yourself. Thus, you must have known that much of the West Bank have been stolen and already “annexed.” And that the West Bank part of Palestinian maps you showed is outdated if not a deliberate lie! Here is the West Bank 2010 map – it must have been smaller now:

It’s not an opinion, it’s the fact Rick! I do like your show for at least your show is less bullshit, or rather I must say yours is the least crap among all craps! That’s why I have watched your show almost every day which is part of my reading list.

Be brave Rick! If you let them scare you again you will destroy yourself. You can do much more better than this Rick!