PQC: What the fuck is going in on here in HongKong? the UK flags, Yankee flags, German flags … Are these young well educated- English speaking Hong Kongers stupid and just naive? The criminal Yankee clown liberate them? The Yankees just cannot even liberate themselves from their very own “democracy and the rule of law” right now!

Or Did Hong Kongers plan some particular thing with which they even would outwit the CIA that we, the outsiders just cannot not know? I really hope so, but I just cannot hold my breath!

I have to admit that I cannot really fathom this new “demand.” Yes, the hand of CIA and Mossad are so obvious and even brazen, but I don’t think millions of young internationally well informed Hong Kongers are just CIA’s stooges.

After all, who would want to live under communist China system anyway! RT Teams? I know I wouldn’t! I fled the similar shithole decades ago! Even the newly rich mainland Chinese have packed their things and moved to the West! Han or not Han does not matter at all! You see folks! How many times I have told you that “patriotism” is just a myth. The first priority is always one own well being. Nationalism, patriotism are the last thing of the scoundrel!

Anyway, all I can say now is I cannot wear their shoes. Although things really look weird and absurd, but these young people have every right to do whatever with their lives. They know what they are doing. I wish them all the best!