PQC: Folks, if you choose to take sides on this “People vs the State” or “the East vs the West” or whatever you choose. Be my guest!

For me, as a person who lived not only through a bloody War since I was born until it ended. (for those who are still ignorant about the Vietnam War- The War had actually started even before the fucking Ho Chi Minh took power in 1945! but also under different political regimes.

(note: Some leftist readers may be surprised at my despising contempt of their beloved HoChiMinh- go back to my previous articles to see why, particularly this one)

I was a protester on the street in my ex-shithole, I was in prison for anti-government activity. I have been on the streets with antiwar protesters, with refugee, gay rights, Indigenous people supporters, in the West, mostly in Australia though.

The HongKong protest has told me that the so-called Western democracies, especially the USA’s are truly demoncrazy and more brutal and more inhumane than China! And the Hongkong people in general and the protesters in particular are truly courageous and more attentive to their society and their well being than the people of the USA!

Rick Sanchez, in this case, has made a necessary comparison . However, although he did not say it out, but by implication he blamed the protest and sided wtih China government. I know he is a statist. But as a true journalist he should have known that Hongkong people have a genuine dislike and protest against China regime.

In this affair, the evils are the Chinese Government and the USA Government. Either of them wins the Hongkongers will suffer anyway!

Are your Americans suffering? If So, from whom do you know?