PQC: The first impression I got from this “new revelation” is that it’s so much for a myth of nationalism and patriotism where people of the same “pure race” should love and care for one another!

Yeah, that how “Han race” love one another! I have lived with this kind of “same race love delusion” during Vietnam War and even right now, the racial patriotic love of the NorthernViets and the SouthernViets! If you are a Yankee you would probably understand this kind of special patriotic love of one’s own people in the Civil War 1863! Not to mention the Independence War where you know who killed who viciously! Right?

I hate to see the dream of love for one own race, the love for one’s own nation evaporating into the thin air every time when personal safety and personal well being are threatened! When your personal and your family safety and well being are at risk, patriotism is the last thing you consider. The same is true for a business person, when business interests are at stake.

That’s why and how migration and political refugees exist! That’s why offshoring comes about! And that’s why and how you , yes everyone of you, decide to buy an imported product rather than a local made one! That’s why I am here, as an ex-“red peanut” in this arse end of the world instead of Vietnam! Why? Is it arse end of the world? Yes, but to me personally, I only speak for myself, this “arse end” is much better than that shithole Vietnam. Is that simple!

I know some dickheads out there just cannot handle this simple truth. They can jump up and down as much as they want. They can grind their teeth as hard as they wish. But this is basic fact and simple truth that every single person on this planet can testify!

So folks, stop lying to and deceiving yourselves with “nationalism” and “patriotism” crap!

Whatever extra reason maybe, Hongkongers have every right to reject Beijing rules. They don’t have to live under China political system just because they are “legally” and conventionally defined as Chinese.

RT people, do you want to live under Chinese political system?