By VT Editors – August 20, 2019

Dr Abdullah Manaz for VT
Strategic Expert

In Syria, outside Assad regime, the United States, Russia, Iran and Turkey have activity. Each country is defining armed groups supported by other countries as terrorists. In fact, there is an ethnic and sectarian conflict in Syria. Within this framework, we can divide the fighting groups into 3 groups.

First Group: Nusayri Assad Forces, Jafari Iran – Hezbollah Forces and Orthodox Russia.

Second Group: Sunni groups supported by Turkey. Turkey had carried out military operations In al-Bab and Afrin, northern Syria. These armed groups, the Syrian National Front and Syrian Liberation Army were united under one roof as.

Third Group: Kurdish separatist YPG supported by the USA.

Now the biggest discussion is on Idlib region.

The most powerful Sunni group in Idlib is Hayat Tahrir as-Sham. The organization, the successor of Al Nusra, was described as pro-Al-Qaeda. If Had Al-Nusra which is consisted from the Chechen and Circassian majority, fought in Chechnya, Russia, there would have been a Liberation Organization and Hero for the US and the West.

The Shiite groups supported by Russia and Iran describe all Sunni groups as terrorists. Because the Assad regime belongs to the Nusayri Shiite minority, which makes up 12% of the population. Russia supports the Shiite groups against the Sunni groups identified as terrorists and carries out continuous air strikes. Since Nusayri and Jafari Shiites act jointly, in recent months the Sunni Groups have also united. Currently, it is not possible to separate, who are the members of the HTS, who are  the members of the Syrian National Army in Idlib. Local people support all Sunni fighters against Shiite attacks, regardless of their ideology.

Also One of the active groups fighting in the Idlib region is the Turkestan Islamic Party, which consists of Uighur Turks who came from China. The Turkestan Islamic Party is a terrorist organization for Russia and the United States. If the Turkestan Islamic Party fought against the Chinese Government in China, not in Syria, it would be described as a Hero and a Liberation Organization for the US and the West.

Hezbollah, which fought on the side of Russia and Essed, is a terrorist organization for the US and the West. Russia is fighting together with an organization that the world calls terrorists. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are on the US terror list, but are Russia’s allies in Syria.

Finally, the largest terrorist organization in the Middle East is the PKK. The PKK Terrorist Organization is actived under the name of PJAK in Iran and under the name of YPG in Syria. The PKK Terror Organization was the closest ally of Russia and the Essed regime during its establishment period. For years, it carried out terrorist actions against NATO and Turkey. The PKK Terrorist Organization became the closest ally of the United States because it fought against the Iranian regime in Iran. This terrorist organization killed close to 100 thousand people in Turkey. It is now an ally of the US in Syria. The posters of Abdullah Öcalan, the founder of the PKK Terrorist Organization, are hung in all meetings of YPG militants who have completely occupied the east of the Euphrates.

The PKK Terror Organization is also considered a terrorist by the United States, but is a friend and ally of the US in the Syrian war. The United States, NATO’s leading country  supports the PKK terrorist organization against Turkey, NATO’s second largest military power .

The old friendships and security organizations between the countries were actually destroyed. Instead of sending their troops to war, big countries are fighting arm in arm with terrorist groups. Because the US is supporting the PKK terrorist organization, Turkey is approaching more to Russia. If the US continues to support the enemies of Turkey, NATO’s biggest enemy Russia will be the closest friend of Turkey recently.

Let every people run its own country. Minorities, dictators and kings should not rule the countries. Only Shiites, who make up only 12% of the population, should not rule Syria. Let the Sunnis, who make up 80% of the Syrian population, participate in democratic rule. Foreigners who come to Syria from thousands of kilometers away should return to their own countries.