PQC: Do these brave Hongkongers know something we don’t know? They seem to be very confident on what they have been doing with high triumphant spirit. The Taiwanese are watching with full support! Perhaps even the mainland Chinese are watching with “hope”? I am sure THEY DO KNOW something we, the outsiders do not know!

Let me make a wild guess!

Maybe these brave Hongkongers and Taiwanese calculated that China mainland is now having some domestic- internal crises and that China would not risk its newly developed -high-tech-economy to be disrupted and diminished by the Tienanmen style crackdown in HongKong and the military assault on Taiwan. If so I wish them all the best!

If a bunch of the English from the England could go separate and formed those independent happy and successful countries as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, then these “Chinese” descents can do even better! Because they have already been lived and functioned independently as more than just successful countries but titled! Taiwan and Hongkong are among the top industrialized economies in the world!

I am an outsider, I am not wearing their shoes. I am just a person who loves and cherishes freedom. Thus I support anyone, everyone who struggles to be free whether they are black African Americans or Tibetans or Catalans or Taiwanese or Hongkongers.

My hat off to you all who dare to defy government and its thugs!