PQC: Folks, I did explain to my readers the reason why I have to, I need to, and I must use swearing words! And that using swearing words is a necessity these days. I have been mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore! And I guess so are you. If we still remain human being with heart and mind, we all should be, and need to be, and must be!

We are living in a bizarre fucked-up world where right is called wrong, aggressors are called victim, victims are accused of aggressors; terrorist states are praised as democracies; extending decency, humanity, kindness, compassion to fellow human beings is condemned as crime! And… the fucking “people” are called “chosen-people” by the fucking crazy “God”!

We are living in a new fucked up world where schools are no longer the places where young citizens will be imparted with knowledge and taught how to think for themselves, but now have been brainwashing and propagandizing camps. We are living in a world where universities are no longer the places where everything can be challenged and everything can be discussed; the places where individuals can be truly themselves to develop and excel each own talent and make contributions to a larger society, but now have become slave factories for the State and Corporations!

How a fucking empire, the USA, with thousand of military bases abroad and a large arsenal of nukes, if not the largest, is threatened by a newly developed China which has just been out of poverty and backwardness for a decade or so, by the way, thanks to the US-led West direct financial and technological contribution?

China has been back at its feet, become industrialized and advanced in some areas. Yes, but with a population of 1.4 billions, which is by no means homogeneous society politically or even culturally, China, has been struggling to keep itself together not in spite of communist iron-fist but because of it. Anything that is maintained by lies and brutal force can be easily broken in to pieces at anytime!

China will not be a true super power until a day when people around the world rush to migrate to China, listen to Chinese musics, wear Chinese fashions, watch “Chinowood” crap movies! And last but not least, read Chinese silly textbooks! (I do love and cherish Chinese classics very much the same way I do Thomas Paine’s and Mark Twain’s though!) Dream on people!

Every nation-state is a threat to humanity and liberty. The bigger state, the bigger threat!

Why listen to the pot that is calling the kettle black at all!

In the meantime, those who know better must be watching out for the fucking Yankee Empire and the fucking Jewish State. These two nations are true terrorist states that have been spreading chaos and destruction around the world, especially in the Middle East! But nope! Not the China that is building bridges, roads, and producing affordable products to the world. For now!

As always, it’s all up to you folks! Be honest and fair.